Thursday, February 9, 2017

Saying Goodbye is Hard to Do

So we say 'See you later!' instead. Yesterday my brother hit the friendly skies between Culebra and San Juan before a very early a.m. trip back to Florida. He'll be back and I'll be there but in the moment of waving farewell, it's a little less laughter and wishing it could go on longer. 

Lunch at Zaco's. Baby didn't try the hot sauces. Yet.

Friends in town staying in Punta Aloe gave us another view.
Thanks, Doug and Kathy!

A fiery dawning

The promised rain came. And went. Fast.
We took one more trip to Flamenco. 

All this sun and fun is tiring!

One last look at our gorgeous waters 
Then it was on to the airport. Time is so minute it seemed like that last half of an hour was going on much longer and then suddenly names were being called. By the plane guy, not us.

It's a family affair.
I love our airport, where hanging out together has no tedious long walks to gates, where you usually run into someone you know, coming or going or picking up friends and family. 

It doesn't seem so long ago, growing up in Florida where it was almost the same. Except for the planes being bigger, you could wait to see people climbing or descending the stairs from the plane and walking across the tarmac to come inside. 

"Until the Jetway was invented, all passengers had to walk outside onto the tarmac and climb a set of portable stairs to board the aircraft. This was often inconvenient depending upon weather conditions, or on the passenger’s personal fear of flying. The first Jetway covered corridors were installed by Delta Airlines at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport in May 1961."  from a fun article on Mental Floss - 10 Things We No Longer See at Airports

The baby loves her Uncle Jonny

Until we meet again in California!
That was done! It was time to head up the hills to Krusty Krab and have another spectacular meal, with a spectacular view. I was driving the slowest golf cart on Culebra (not kidding, other carts have been passing me no matter how hard we pedal) and missed most of the sunset. That was okay, the view was family and islands, new and old friends. And the food was even better than the last time we went. Ceviche, conch salad, fish tacos, everyone was happy.

Another one in the memory books. Sharing Culebra is always good and family just makes it better.

Have a tapestried Thursday. Do something tranquil.


  1. Loved reading this thank you

    1. Three weeks from today we'll be climbing those 55 stairs to heaven, just up the road from you. Remember the frozen ham hocks I brought years ago? Well I'm bringing that little cooler again this year and have I got a surprise for you. Is this cryptic enough to pique your curiosity? ;-))

    2. Are you kidding me? Now I'm like a 6 year old on the last weeks until the big day. I'll be good!

    3. Well, it's not coal, but it is cold. ;-))