Saturday, February 18, 2017

Going, Going, Gone!

Today is the Friends of Culebra Animals yearly auction, with fun things to bid on, awesome food to eat, friends to be made and friends to catch up with. This year the auction is at the basketball court behind El Batey, easy to get to and parking around and about. Happy hour with food and drink is from 2-3, the auction is from 3 to 5. Entrance donation is 15.00. 

If you know Culebra or are simply here and love animals, you know the very hard work that gets done from love all year 'round, so come out, support FCA and have a good time. A pretty sweet deal all around!

Yesterday was the veggie market and the colors were glowing in the morning light. 

I remember a time when we first started getting such a variety and I was so excited to see so many fruits and veggies. I'd buy anything that was beautiful, just because I could. Now, while it isn't the plethora of a city market, we have so many more choices, both here and at D's Garden veggie spot. Signed, Grateful

Melones in the afternoon is as beautiful as Melones anytime.

Rockin' the beach
Yesterday was a time to watch tarpon before an ear piercing with Dr. Del Toro. No, I didn't know he pierced ears, but he does. And no, I didn't watch. It was better to watch the baby sleep on the couch for this Grandma.

(photo by O)
We found this great percussion instrument at the Galleria. It makes a very fine rattle and a sort of fine chew toy.

The other night Elijah and Allie prepared an excellent meal. Chicken and tostones, salad and grilled veggies all came together in a medley of deliciousness. What is better than good food, family and new friends? Not much.

Speaking of food and friends, it's time to check on my contribution to the Auction! See you there in person or in spirit, all are welcome.

Have a shot-in-the-dark Saturday. Do something speculatively. Sold!

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