Wednesday, June 13, 2018

California Playing

After two ridiculously delayed flights and one miraculously on time bus ride, California time has arrived!

But the day before I left, I had a classic sighting of John sailing his dinghy out of my bay. John is one of the most self sufficient people I personally know and it's always fun to see him chilled out, sailing along.

San Francisco Bay is always busy. Pleasure boats or boats with a commercial mission are constantly going to and fro, changing the scenery from moment to moment. 

A Chinese junk that caught my attention in an very full marina along the Embarcadero

There are plenty of working ships both active and...not so much

The Golden Gate bridge from another point of view

If I was SURE the bus would have been on time, I'd have packed up on of these babies to go. I always say that. I never do.

The Ferry building. There are SO many ferries to various areas!
Ok, that's all I'll say about that.

There is a Ferry Farmer's Market, an indoor mall sort of place but full of very cool stores and food stops. These oysters got me to stop and they were well worth it. The one I liked the most is called a Totten oyster, farmed in Washington State but from the East Coast. I was looking for Hog Island oysters, a local oyster, but these were a good alternative.
Lots of tour boats too. Feeling a need to see Alcatraz?

The street cars go really fast!

Just some gorgeous flowers

There are a lot of homeless people in this area of the city, sleeping in doorways and benches and apparently, on sculptures. That must have been a potent bottle of champagne. On my way back, there was another person using the same spot, minus the champagne bottle.

Celebrating the famed Dungeness crab

So many of these buildings were once working warehouses, this one still has the flavor.
Free wood. In San Francisco. On the main drag. Wow.
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A park across the street from the water. 
A friend of mine in high school was given this same car when it was brand new.
We had some great times and it brought back some good memories. 
There is nothing quite like the haunting strains of traditional Far Eastern music.
I looked all around and finally saw this man sitting there playing. A stick. A string. A bucket and a bow. He was brilliant. 
An early lunch of homemade crab chowder with a view, which, sorry,
you can't see it! Oops.

The view from the window

Then, it was time to go back to the bus station. The bus really did come on time and made the trip on time! An amazing first. Tomorrow we are heading to a wedding about 4 hours inland from here. It's in a big campground with some cabins and...well, I don't really know, except the area is called the Alps, so I guessing it will be very beautiful. I do know I'm packing every warm thing I own both to wear and bedding wise, because while the days are warm, the nights are cold. I'll see what happens next. So will you.

The photos here are a bit out of order, going between phone and camera photo uploads and having to re-learn the groove of doing the blog, but here you go anyway. 

Have a wondering Wednesday. Do something whimsical!


  1. I love keeping in touch on FB, but the nostalgia of your blog touches something special in me. Welcome back! :-))

  2. Great photos and gorgeous weather for San Francisco!

  3. One of the few times I got seasick was standing on the shore of SF Bay and looking at the boats bobbing up and down.