Thursday, November 19, 2015

Keeping Life Simple

These are days of sun and blue sky - like heaven - with the nights not so cold. Ok, not freezing. And I'm being lazy, reading, cooking, talking, crocheting ,planning, while watching others do work I can't do. It works.

I did build a little house for The Girl out of scrap lumber, getting the hoped for response, 'Do you like it?' 'I LOVE it, Grandma!!' It's minimal, but she doesn't require much to let her vivid imagination fly, so we're both happy. And I helped make a scarecrow. She needed a scarecrow, you see, because she wants to be a farmer. And a few other things but yesterday it was a farmer. I like it.

There is an addition of red cowboy boots now and a flowered tiara. 

All that stuff in the background amounts to projects in the process. It's good to have a plan.

While I can't really help with the kitchen build, I am a great appreciator!

The counters await paint and stain, shelving still to come and windows of some sort. But what a long way from when I first arrived - now there is a floor and a real roof and a beautiful stove (yea, Craigslist!) and a sink much of what makes a kitchen a kitchen. Yes, small big things are exciting. 

When I get home it will be to work (or get someone to do the work, more than likely) on the houseboat. It never seems like much until getting started. Oh, it's only plumbing...and a mooring...and an engine for the dinghy...and solar and...oh. Maybe it's much. But what would life be without goals of living in comfort, even if those comforts are simple ones? And truthfully, so much more than most of the world lives with; a good thing to keep in mind. Always.

I need to get to the river and do a walkabout there...

Have a thoughtful Thursday. Do something tinily tremendous.