Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lots of shakin' going on

On the world front, the money folk are trembling and casting fear like moldy bread on the waters. On Culebra, a flyer has appeared taped to businesses around the island, going after developers (many of whom break laws with no thought or care for the environment or the future of this island, who continue to arrogantly ignore restrictions and stop orders and some of whom will never live here, but rather, line their pockets and head home when done, regardless of the failure of their construction to function, due to the inadequate infrastructure here - inadequate for what they want to do, not for life as it should be here) and causing a wave of Wow. As a caveat, I have been told that some of the information on names is incorrect and I believe the person who told me. However, that is not the majority, and the mis-information will be addressed. As will the those whose names that are correct.

Being from the old era of "if it pisses you off, say something to the ones who need to hear it" era, I love this. As we are only weeks away from the election of a mayor for the next four years, with the current mayor, who is called The Sleeping Mayor (who is running for re-election, after being mayor for four years previous to the last mayor) being the one who let in the largest, ugliest group of buildings ever put on Culebra versus a man who is environmentally, politically and personally involved in working for the true best of Culebra and her people, this flyer is gasoline on a fire that is already burning. We'll see what happens next.

Save What's Left!!

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