Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Oh How I Love Sailors!

I started this last week but, somehow, it didn't get finished. Let's try it again. 


At three thirty a.m. yesterday I was busy making sure my phone battery was totally charged so I wouldn't miss the call that moving the houseboat was a go. Was it blowing too much, was it going to rain? Check the radar (47th time)! When the call came I was outside and didn't hear it. Because the Universe will never give up trying to teach me to chill out. Ever. Good luck with that, gods and goddesses. 
My new galley curtain.
I may not be all plumbed in yet but I've got awesome curtains!
It was a go. Nadeen came over for the final push and was ever so helpful on some quickly needed moments. Just having her there made me slightly less levitational. Thanks, Nadeen!

Some of my new neighbors
After some initial adjustments (it was blowing, not crazy but when your profile is basically a box - or loaf of white bread - there can be some windage issues. The guys ended up one on either side, power and adjustments as needed and off we went. I stood on the bow and once the initial bits got settled, I was feeling like some sort of Nile queen, with knights in shining armor to each side of me. A mixing of eras, places and most likely we didn't have that appearance at all but that's how it felt to me. What I felt later was a serious sunburn on my face, reminding me that baring your skin in the sun against a bright white background might be cause for a hat in the future. Note to self...what?

My welcome to the 'hood.
A pair of mating hawks, screaming their love song

Now I'm all settled in, as much as one settles on a constantly pivoting object. I've made the walk to town and learned that I am not particularly enamored with it, especially when I brilliantly chose to go dragging a full old lady cart in the middle of the day without a hat. That needs a reset button. 

But the walk in and back is pretty beautiful!

A resting place well worth stopping for

Cool house art

Container home
Sunrise hits at a different angle out on the mooring. If I open the doors to get a breeze, I'm also opening the doors to intense, blinding morning sunshine. Oh! And then the boat shifts and it doesn't matter again. After not being on the hook for about...a long time, reminders are everywhere of things I've forgotten. And almost all of them are good.

Bounceback light of sunset
My yearly friend came in last week to stay at Zoni. We must be getting older; I made it home every evening I visited. 

About the clearest day they had while here.
Always beautiful, even in the rain.
Another phase has come around in my Culebra life. A new home place, one with neighbors all around but most of them are on land and high above me. I need to figure out how to do Morse code with someone, just in case. Of course, when there are holiday people partying, I can hear them real well, so maybe I could just yell if I need help. Does it work both ways?

Life is good. 

Today, my daughter Sarah turns 40 years old. That seems crazy, to both of us. But there it is, the second in my trio to achieve her fourth decade on the planet.I want to be with her on this day and can only send heart waves and prezzies. When ARE they getting that damn transporter finished??

I would make you this...this whatever it is!
And a carrot cake too!
Have a wrassle with it Wednesday. Do something warmheartedly.


  1. I thought you disappeared. it seems to rain a lot in Culebra. at least in my experience. the fact that you make your home on a houseboat makes following this even better. I look forward to your stories. brings a smile to my face even if I'm living through crappy weather. keep it up

    1. It rains when it rains. We had avery long drought so rain is always welcomed.

      I never disappear, I just might not be visible for awhile.

    2. ahhh,yes.the difference between me visiting and you living I understand the walk through the mangrove. you get to live a life I envy. please keep these stories coming.

    3. ahhh,yes.the difference between me visiting and you living I understand the walk through the mangrove. you get to live a life I envy. please keep these stories coming.

  2. Wahoo!! So glad you're moved and settling. Beautiful, quiet cove. Next year on your walk to town, you can come up and visit us, it's only 59 steps from street to our door. Ugh!

  3. Yes! And I'll only be carrying wine cheese and crackers; I can do that

  4. Congratulations on your move! I'm excited for you...settling is good.

    1. Thank you, Jackie! Yes, it's my sort of settling for sure.

  5. I love this and you!! Welcome back to sea!!