Saturday, May 21, 2016

Tin Can Connections

One of these days I'll get real connection back but in the meantime it's like this. Open somedays, closed others!

Our awesome vet and his techs. We're so fortunate to have him.
If you can ever help out with making their time over here better,
get in touch with Friends of Culebra Animals
(meals, overnight accommodations - things like that)
We've got some big satis!
There was also the Bernie Sanders event down in the plaza.

All sorts of folks showed up!

Sweetest couple at the sweetest place

I have no idea who this is (or if I do, I'm sorry! I forgot) but
when a guy with a sax walks by me he better be ready to play!

My favorite crush on Culebra
Francie's back! For another week at least. Then we head out to Albuquerque for some adventures, timeline unknown, eventual destination for me will be California. I'll probably be able to be online then more than now. Go figure.

Francie showed up with her friend Renee, who will be having a test
to name all the people who have hugged Francie during her visit.

A little moon for garnish

We took a ride after being invited to look at an amazing place being worked on here. 

Polished tinted concrete with cool inserts of dazzling detail

Ending up at Dinghy Dock a few times. What a surprise!

Chuck got all dressed up for the occasion

Joe's happy

Down at The Spot Gretchen got the Janis Joplin going

Heather's 'Mama gets to go out!' drink

Yes, Ann is here too. It's so hard to have fun with these people!
Time is short. Ok, time is anything we want it to be but time here is limited as there is more fun to be had and I'm the one that's not ready to move on yet. I want to upload a video

"I'll be right there!"

Have a saturated with sensations Saturday. Do something sanely. Or not.


  1. I LOVE your Bernie event!! *smooch* (what part of California this time? Still Northern? When and for how long?)

    1. Still Northern and definitely during July (and beyond a while) since that's when the new grand girl is making her arrival. I'd like to go north after that but let's see what happens.