Friday, August 26, 2016

Oh the Places You'll Go!

Yesterday* was a day of place names I've read over and over again in my life becoming real, in front of my eyes (well, behind my eyes too, but stop being so technical). The Marin headlands, Mount Tamalpais (or Mt. Tam, as the cool kids says). Petaluma, Fairfax.

*Of course, it is no longer yesterday. I am no longer there. But in my head, yes. Then, literally yesterday, connectivity in the Universe happened (can you hear the low, gentle chuckling?), I was in Chicago, where I got to play at the Lagunitas brewery, a brewery named after a small place in exactly the area I was in here. A brewery that started in Petaluma. Even Dog Town was mentioned, a blink of an eye spot in the road we passed through as well. That 'small world' hoodoo voodoo we all know is true...

The marina I happily got to know over a few days

When Bob asked me what I wanted to do while in his part of the world, it wasn't a difficult question to answer. We were already on the right side of the bay; I wanted to see Marin county. I wanted to walk and gawk at places I've read about for many, many years. And so we did.

I've seen the Golden Gate Bridge. I've driven over it.
But I've never seen it from this view, winding around and up
to the Marin headlands. Spectacular. Crowded. I didn't care.

 After passing many filled parking spots (it was Sunday on a clear, sunny, cool day, the tail end of summer blowing in the wind) we found one just across from the tunnels of war. The gates stand open, the acoustics are perfect and not a trace of the fear that once inspired these watch sites lingers. But first I needed to drink in more views of the bridge from this vantage point.

Ok, I was ready for the tunnels. Lead on, Bob.

The massiveness of everything was powerful.

Bob has been around here 40+ years,
the tree stumps were stumps back then too
Once a cannon, a very huge cannon, sat in the middle of this,
prepared to repel those who would come with
bad intent and similarly armed.
The fog rolled across the back hills, all part of protected lands.
 All visitors are free to roam around at will. Bob told me stories of years gone by; about coming up here with friends and going into the empty, pitch black rooms with friends, instruments and other accouterments to play and party into the night.

Such views must have been a solace for those here on duty
not so long ago.

There are hiking trails and roads all over the place. Literally.
I think this is the one with the 18% downgrade. One way.

Hey, they are orange. I must include them.

A little history in the mystery
There are, of course, many more tunnel shots and tunnel area shots but it was time to move on, then and now. Nature's drama is often so much more appealing than what human come up with when harm is the intent. 

I'm pretty sure this is Petaluma.
This is why I hate doing posts much later than they occurred;
my memory is, let us say, challenged.

Once a famous restaurant to the rich, famous and playful.
To put it in nostalgic terms.

Pretty pretty pretty

Elephants. I don't know more.
Mt. Tam, in the clear. I guess it's like seeing El Yunque in the clear.
We came to the town of Fairfax. It a good one.

I don't know if these are real, but they sure could be. 

Up above the town there is a enclave of unique homes on a very twisty road. Above that are a lot of hiking areas. I would tell you where but know.

Instead of the Muir Woods, we went to a less known grove of redwoods. More wow, less people. 

Yes, it's that big. Bob isn't 3 inches tall.
In fairness, this was like four giants grown together. 
I guess lightening can strike twice

Yes, it felt just like that...

These two massive trees didn't give up their secrets
but it didn't stop me from wondering
That was a good day, a long day. We'd finish up tomorrow. That wasn't the plan, the plan was to sail around the bay but it was windy and I was cold and knew it would be much colder on the water. Next time.

This time, for this day, it was time to walk the docks and take in the sunset while checking out the boats. Do I ever get tired of this? No. Luckily, Bob doesn't either. Nice to find we still have many commonalities after 49 years.

Good night, Mt. Tam
Riding on this train through upstate New York, so far from this watery place across the country, it almost seems surreal. Ok, it does seem surreal, a bit more dream than something pretty immediately in my rear view mirror. I think I like it.

And catching up has begun, even in the midst of still being on the way. Thanks for coming along on this ride, I hope your chair is comfortable.

Have a fling out freedom Friday. Do something fascinating.


  1. What a great post! Thank you. A couple years ago we were all over Marin County, went to Mt Tam and the twisty scary narrow roads, but sadly missed the tunnels. Next time. Soon, I hope.
    It's been another of your travel adventures. So happy for you, mi amiga.

    1. So glad you enjoyed. There is so much more...But isn't Marin county our hearts?? Love to you both and the Hound.

  2. wow, just found this.i share the feelings.happy trails and safe from hurricanes [friends were spared] thinking of you in n c with wind n rain at least.

    1. Yesterday was rain all day, today looks to be windy all day but that's no big deal compared to friends and strangers with flooding, torn off roofs and trees on their homes. Surprising a bit, yes, as this is the Northwest corner of NC being affected but it's a damn big storm. Hoping all all safe, if not exactly sound. It's a long way from California!