Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The More Things Change...the more they change

For those of you who have not TiVo'd this blog and may have missed a few episodes - as I have myself - let me catch you up. The original idea, since I don't use the P(lan) word anymore, was to come out here and await the birth of my granddaughter, thinking it was going to be around the start of July. Babies don't really care much about calendars though and she arrived more toward the end of July. Hooray!

This has nothing to do with any of the above or below.
It's just a cool photo of my son that I really like.
Maybe that has everything to do with this.
Priorities, they're a beautiful thing. 
Next, after the baby bits, was to get the Turtle leveled up because I hate to be accused of dragging my ass or hers. The guy I took her to seems to be a good guy. He looked things over and gave a couple of suggestions to fix the issue. We were in happy agreement. Then he told me he couldn't get to the work for a month or so. Because just like Culebra, the good work people are very busy, except around here there are a LOT more people who want good work done. So, I have abandoned driving plans for this trip. Let my son take care of it, thanks, kid! 

Oh wait, that's not my son! That's my daughter and
some special people admiring the
new shining ray of light in our world 
Not what I intended but hey, that's life in the slow lane. Thankfully, I have many island years worth of experience in dealing with things like this to fall back on. Since stomping my feet and holding my breath until my face turns blue has never helped much in the past, I don't even bother anymore. A few quietly spoken expletives and a couple of glasses of wine usually bridge the way from A to B...or C, D, E and F. I've never gotten to Z before so who am I to complain? 

Speaking of shining rays of light
This really wasn't about the sun, it was about the lines of light
on the mountain ridges. But I couldn't quite capture that.
Wahhh, I don't get to do exactly what I want to please myself in the way I wanted. In the face of what is going on with too many people I love and the world in general, I find biting my whinging back to a dull whisper helps the medicine go down.

Life and not life. As long as we're kicking, we get to choose.
So the new idea is, after thinking first about plane-ing it to NY to see friends, wait! The TRAIN! A quick check showed a big reduction in price, so big in fact that it is less than my favorite airline to make the crossing. PROS: Great scenery, big windows, meals on linen tablecloths (or bought down in the belly of the beast, nuked and horrible, but always interesting folk around). CONS: no points on the flight to get me a freebie sooner than later. I can live with that.

So it goes! The adventure continues because the alternative is ridiculous. 


Have a taking time Tuesday (I KNOW it's Monday but it's late for some of my east and ATZ friends and tomorrow for some others soooo...). Do something totally treating time tentatively. 


  1. I absolutely love this free spirit. You're on island time. Just so happens that you're volunteer to be in the states. But enjoy your meandering. U are doing exactly the way life should be. ........On the fly

    1. Island time...I think a lot of the world is on it but they don't say it out loud! Lucky for us we are told straight out 'Mañana doesn't mean tomorrow.'

  2. Cross continent train ride. Awesome!! I've done it for times in my life, you'll love it!! Enjoy, my friend. ;-))

    1. I've never done it so looking forward to the different joy.