Monday, September 19, 2016

Fanelli's Cafe and a Thank You

This will be a step out of time post, as I'm sorting through a few hundred photos to put some things together. 

Believe it or not. New York is fattening.
We were headed to a movie theater in SoHo (South of Houston) and had time to stop for a drink along the way. As decided at the start of my time with Ann, we much preferred letting things happen along the way to somewhere else rather than making too many 'have to go there' choices. New York is just too full of everything to do that; randomness works.

Each subway stop has its art (well, almost).
This is part of the Prince St. series.

Ann ahead, leading the way and looking back often
to make sure I didn't drift away.
Which, on a couple of occasions, I did.
This random stop was Fanelli's Cafe, a funky looking place that, from the outside, felt right. On the inside, it felt even more right. It was small and crowded but we got a back room table by some now unused doors that gave us a window view to the street. We ordered our drinks from a very prompt server and looked around.

If you like history, here is the story of this block and this place.
"Fanelli's operated as a speakeasy during prohibition,
which began in 1920 and ended in 1933."
How surprising we'd end up here. Not!

It was about as true as true can be.

That was our table, right against these gorgeous doors.

The front doors.
I've mentioned before that anyone hanging around with me when I have my camera in hand has known or finds out about putting up with my obsession. Some are patient and some are helpful and some are annoyed and some are all three at once. Ann is a prime example of helpful and patient, along with intuitive. Especially at a table. As soon as it looks like I want to photograph something on a table, she doesn't ask, she just immediately starts clearing away debris. Like this, in reverse order.

Drinks (oops, Ann, we missed that napkin!)

Then Ann added back the pepper shaker

and the salt shaker

and the sugar and water bottle

and the purse. The way it sort of would have looked at first.
There are times and places taking photos is NOT appropriate and a good friend will be glad to point that out if I haven't realized it already. Whether I like it or not. That's what friends do and I haven't bitten anyone's arm yet. Key word, yet. 

So thank you and thank you, to so many who allow me the freedom to be the most obvious fly on the wall along the journey. A lot of what I do I do alone; sharing with friends in the moment instead of later on the page is a different kind of wow-ness. I'm grateful and often surprised, having something pointed out I wouldn't have seen, patience and kindness and laughter and moments shared is another joy entirely.

Have a reMarkable Monday. Do something measureless.

p.s. Whatever your style of sending positive thoughts are, please do so for those in New York who have been injured through the madness of hatred. May all who walk in peace on ANY streets anywhere be allowed to do so in safety. 

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