Friday, September 23, 2016

One Lane Walkabout

I've been walking up and down this dirt and now graveled road for 15 years, on and off, sometimes with years in-between. I never fail to see something new. Well, new to me, it's probably been there all along, just like on Culebra where I'm occasionally rocked to see a new tree or flower or critter. It's good to know there is always something to learn if eyes are kept open wide. 

Sometimes it's as simple as taking a photo of one thing and finding another something entirely. I took this because of the flowers, not even noticing the butterfly/moth, a matching accessory. 

There are so many weird bugs around here, all busy.
Fall continues to splash her colors with growing abandon
I was walking up the road yesterday, looking for a certain thing, when I saw something I'd completely overlooked. Vines heavy with grapes twisting in among some pines. I'm pretty sure they are muscadine grapes, the wild kind. And yes, they make good wine. Not these, these will make good munching.

And then there is this fellow, never ceasing to entrance me, elusive as hell to capture, hence the fun of the challenge.

Another day in a different sort of Paradox. 

The power being out at home reminds me of when I first came up here, when there was no electricity and reading was done by lamplight, making for early bedtimes. For two months. But I chose that, unlike it being forced down by unchoice in sticky weather. Fingers crossed for the fixing to be completed. Soon.

Have a free your feelings Friday. Do something unFretful.


  1. Man, you found wild grapes, I gotta spend more time there!

    1. Big surprise to me too! Now you know. I've saved seeds for you, and maybe the cutting will root?

  2. Great hummingbird photo. I love that the underside of the feeder matches the color of the hummingbird. Artsy!!