Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Last of the Mountains

Culture shock has come and gone; back in the city again. Road works and trucks and traffic oh my!! But before that...

Luckily the big dog that belongs to this house was on a leash...

The Coffee boys still keep the best old vehicles!

Still used as a hot rod
(probably once used for 'shine runs)
The Blue Ridge Parkway was color full

Bamboo Gap
There are a lot of good barns around but they sneak up really fast in the up and down of the mountains. I caught what I could.

Just in case you forgot it was Halloween soon.
American pumpkins!

I like the town of Boone a lot but it was packed the day we went there.
Still some good doors though!

A Christmas tree farm

If I were a collector of things instead of photos...

Where are the windows?
Do these sections open? I'll have to find out next time. 

The prettiest barn around
It's good to be back in shorts again!! Tomorrow I'll head up the coast with a friend, back to my old stomping grounds for a few days before coming back here to get back home. It's a good thing I don't make plans...

Have a treat your toes to tapping Tuesday. Do something ticklish. 


  1. Beautiful pictures! Very nice part of the country. See you in December. Safe travels

  2. Hey MJ. Spoke to you a few years back in Culebra. I live up on the hill in Boone. Looks like you're down in Sampson now. We'll be back in Culebra this winter so will see you then. Take care and enjoy the beautiful fall!

    1. Hi John! And what a beautiful Fall you have had this year; I was wowed every day. Yep, that was Sampson. Still one of my favorite roads, even if they pave the whole thing!

  3. So near and yet so far.

    1. The whole trip was like that! I was right behind you most of the way, and missed you in NYC by hours!