Monday, October 29, 2018

Kansas in the Rear View Mirror

Today is hotel day, since my flight back home leaves at 5:55 in the morning and the airport is over an hour away from my daughter's home. But before we left...

When its wings are closed, the underside is a dirty brown and it totally resembles a leaf

The clouds have been an atmospheric ballet
After making as sure as sure can be that I left nothing behind (like I did in the Beast, oops! Luckily the guy who bought it let me know and will mail my stuff to me, kind man) it was time to hit the road. The temperature was a cool 61 degrees, the sky brilliantly blue and the trees putting on their Autumn finery a thing of beauty.

We stopped for some Indian food at Swagat. It's a beautiful restaurant and the food is fantastic. Our server acted as if we'd come in a dozen times before, so much so that I wondered if I'd ever been there before. Maybe some other life, I don't know.

Lamb vindaloo for me,
with maybe the most perfect rice I've ever eaten

Michelle made the most of the buffet. Twice.

Now it's almost time to pretend there will be sleep, in anticipation of my 3 a.m. wake up call. And that's why god invented Netflix. And

With no flights home available (a first in my 17 years of living on and traveling to and from Culebra) and the who-knows-when 7p.m. ferry, hopefully Culebra will be coming into sight very soon. Homeward bound!

Have a move with the moment Monday. Do something motivating.  

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