Thursday, October 11, 2018

Sunshine and Blue Skies!

After what seemed like forever days of grey skies and rain, today dawned with visible sun and the bluest of blue skies. I've been literally sun-bathing my face, because it's cold out and the rest of me is covered up. 

I've heard this is weird weather for this part of the country, hot, cold, warm, chilly - like a mish mash of spring and fall rather than the steady move into winter with beautiful fall weather. At least that spring remnant is bringing some beauty with it today. 

This reminds me of the blue butterfly I saw in North Carolina for so many days, those blue spots iridescently shining. 

Make a wish!
It's 49 degrees now, mid-day. The heat is on, maybe we should get some wood for the fireplace, since soon I and my daughter will be on our separate journeys, me to where fires are for beach parties, she to where she'll be wanting her fireplace. 

But in the meantime of Be Here Now, I'll look for butterflies and the rare perfect dandelion. 

Have a tuned in Thursday. Do something timely. 

And if you can help out for those in need in the path of Michael, do it. We get it all too well.

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