Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Playing in the Rain with Flowers

While this is my first time pupsitting here on another housesitting hill, I've been to this home numerous times in the past. The plants have always intrigued me, they thrive! From morning until evening the blossoms open and close with the growing intensity and then the waning of the sun; in 30 minutes what was furled tightly closed can open boldly, in a surprising burst of color. Hey, I'm easily entertained!

So today, even though there are water views that start long before the sun crests the surrounding hills, I played with flowers. The dog traipsed along with me, back and forth, looking slightly befuddled at what this temporary treat giver was all about. Treats matter, do what you like, lady.

I think I know what these are but I need to check first. Especially before eating.

I took an earlier shot of the flower below. It was completely closed and it was still pretty dark in the dawning time. But when I loaded it up it was slightly out of focus. I went back out to see if I could get it right but it was now opening to the day. Maybe I'll find one tomorrow. 

Bougainvillea in the rain

It's easy to imagine climbing inside some of these plants,
if you have a slightly odd imagination.

And yes, the water view.

Have a wondrously waxing and waning Wednesday. Do something wishful.

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  1. Hi MJ,
    just arrived on a boat this evening. Met you back in 2012 at a houseboat party at Dakity. Are you on Culebra.