Friday, February 14, 2020

Culebra's Slide to Spring ~ Valentine's Day 2020

While I am gone from Culebra for a few months of the year, all the shades of seasonal weather get felt when I am here, which is why every cool night, every not blaringly hot day is that quiet delight that we all express and enjoy. No sweat face!!! 

G'morning, too bright to look at water

Talk of weather might seem cliche' and boring, but when weather is what is constantly around you, when there is no giant building using a/c to while away the hottest hours, when hard rains and lightning and thunder are truly a local phenomenon, as in, it rained on my roof but not on yours, 1/4 mile from me, or, the whole ISLAND got rain! which, for a 3 x 7 mile island doesn't seem too extraordinary, except that, it is. Weather is part of the story every day, where "I wore a sweater last night!" is cause for oh my.

I took this while chatting with Allie.
She told me it was rainy and grey in California
so I sent this to torment her, because that is what good mother outlaws do.
She loves me anyway.

Oops! Where was I? Ok, on a housesitting hilltop, surrounded by this weather. Reel it in, MJ. I know I should go to town and do something, but leaving seems too difficult, I might miss too much, it happens so fast. From steel grey to heatherish lavenders, greens and blues, the water never stops calling. The clouds skitter through. Tropical plantings make wind music in the day and feather brushings at night. I'll get to town, but not quite yet.

The same outlook, literally five minutes apart in time. The above is not in black and white, it was more like all the color had been leached from the sky and sea, leaving mercury.

It stayed bright the rest of the day, keeping me walking in circles around the decks and yard to drink up the views. Yes, dizzying. 

What it looks like from here when you fly in
This morning, as the dogs ran the front and back yards, I wandered with them, camera in hand. I'm not really sure who wanders with who, it doesn't matter as long as they return when I call and they always do. That's what being the Treats Queen gets me.


Strawberry cactus (yes, the fruit is edible!)

A banana quit swooped by.
It wasn't until I saw this on a bigger screen that I realized
how much I love this repeated from nature color palette.
It's Valentine's Day, a more emotional, commercial, endearing and historically ridiculous holiday may not exist, though there are some good contenders in American culture. But who cares, when the idea is sharing love? Platonic, erotic, courtly or simply sweetly romantic, love is not a bad thing to celebrate, even if it's just with a spoken greeting and smile. 

Have a freehearted Friday. Do something fortuitous. And happy Valentine's Day