Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!

So many summer birthdays and I get to be one of them! I remember back in school it seemed so unfair to have a summer birthday, no celebrations in school like many of the other kids, but now there is facebook where one can wake up to greetings that span close to a lifetime of old friends and new, acquaintances and groups in an almost overwhelming flow of good wishes and love. It's good to be on this slip slide (one of my favorite presents by the way, a slip 'n slide I got when I was about 7; thanks, Dad!) of life. 

Oops! That tuna roll and spider roll were muy delicious!
And so was the sake. Birthday meal started.
Except for a beach walk (and I'll figure out some way to make that happen), my normal birthday morning is on. Yes, I can still touch my toes, get up from a squat without using my hands, albeit not the lithe leaping of days of yore, and look in the mirror to count my wrinkles and grey hairs gratefully. Life is good and I'm glad to be a part of it, most days, so that's a fair score. But I'll probably never be her.

British lady in her 60's. She is in her 80's now
and has been rocking yoga for the last 42 years.
 You go, lady! For all of us.
As many of you know and some of you don't, I've been spending my time lately with my daughter Michelle. Timing is because she and I share a birthday a week apart and it was time for a double birthday celebration. For the first 18 years of her life, I didn't spend birthdays with her, as I gave her up for adoption as a baby. We met when she turned 18 and now we've shared life and love together longer than that stretch at the beginning. My grandchildren have brightened my life from the first time I knew I'd be a grandma, almost 20 years ago now. When I'd get 'you're too young to be a grandma, I'd just say, yes, I come from a tribe where we have children at 5 years old. But it's good to share our real story; hard things can eventually become wonderful things if we can just hang in there. Keep it mind!

She'll probably hate this photo of sushi joy face but too bad;
it's my blog and my birthday!
Michelle, her Mom, her Dad, grandson Grayson,
granddaughter Sloane and her boyfriend Parker
and Michelle's brother.
What a crew! What a good dinner!
Life is good! Ok, here are some sights from our trip to Lawrence, Kansas for the sushi tour. We were supposed to have dinner at a place called Cafe Beautiful where the chef picks out the dinner ingredients, serving many courses over a couple of hours. At the last minute she texted that the a/c was broken and she had to cancel dinner. After a few boohoo minutes we said, so? We'll go to Lawrence anyway. There were too many good places to go, so we went to all of them. A literal movable feast ensued.

This place, Wa, was for starters. Oh! Except the
spring roll at Encore, but I forgot to take a photo.

Since I missed the photo of our food, I took his next creation.
Chef good, food good, menu bad, service annoying.
We found a great store and browsed. I browsed. Michelle bought crazy high heels and a few pieces of jewelry. It was time for a cocktail. We  stopped at the historically cool Eldridge Hotel for cava and then made our way down the street to Tokyo Sushi Bar. 

The story of Eldridge. Glad I don't know Sheriff Jones.

Beautiful hotel. Even the bathroom was beautiful.

More history

Ah yes, the Tokyo! A very very hard menu to select from because almost everything looked wonderful and the prices were crazy good. Bad combo for sushi freaks.

The roll in the back was called the Sydney. It was incredible!
The front roll I didn't eat because we didn't read the description closely enough
and I'm allergic to imitation crab. Michelle said, despite all the reasons not to
like this that it was good. It was rolled in a soy paper wrapper. Damn fake crab!

My bonus nigiri. Yes, the colors were really that bright. Both were sensational.
We had to stop because there was no more room on the counter for more dishes
and no more room in our bellies either. Insert sigh of large contentment. 

Our happy chef.

Our wonderful server. A good server can make or break a meal.
She delivered an A+ style.
My keepsake Lychee Sake glass from Tokyo Sushi.
It's in the style of my new favorite wine glass but half the size.
I loved it. I had to have it.
Yes, I asked. Yes, I received!
Even though I've been to this town (to meet Sloane when she was born) before it was BEYOND freezing cold and we literally ran from place to place I don't really remember it, so we went on a re-tour.
There is some wonderful architecture and it is the home of Kansas University. 

Castle Tea Room
and it really IS a tea room.
Next visit.

Anthropology building 

From another angle.
I'd be an anthropologist just to be in this building.

One day after the Strawberry Moon was full. Still glorious.
Also known as Moon When June Berries are Ripe. And I am.
 I love my beautiful birthday roses!! Thank you, Michelle!

Now to find a beach!

Have a wondrous Wednesday! Do something wildly wackadoo!


  1. What a wonderful post, makes me love you more. :-))

  2. Happy birthday youngster!

  3. I see it was a joyous birthday for a joyous spirit. I am so glad you and your daughter reconnected as soon as she was old enough to find you. Happy birthday :)

    1. Actually, I found her, another strange and amazing story in itself, but yes, she would have tracked me down otherwise.