Friday, June 3, 2016

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico ~ Part Uno

Truth or Consequences, once called Hot Springs until the game show host of that name, Ralph Edwards had the great idea to get some town in the US to re-name itself for the show. Garnering attention to both the show and the town, it would be a win-win, right? Well, it was. Of a fashion. There is a section of a museum, a park, an auditorium and no doubt other gems dedicated to Ralph Edwards - who also hosted This Is Your Life, which was like an intervention but with a positive slant - along with an annual Ralph Edwards Fiesta. 

Festival Queens over the years
How did I forget to get photos of Ralph Edwards?
Sometimes I am a mystery to me.
Obviously the relationship worked out pretty well. "Beginning in 1950 and continuing for the next 50 years, Edwards traveled to that city during the first weekend of May every year." according to the Wikipedia article about him. 

The museum is called the Geronimo Trail museum so when we went into the first part and saw all things Ralph Edwards it was interesting but not exactly what we expected to see. Then it got better. And then it got way better.

Intrically cool jacket

I've never seen or heard of this instrument before

But Sears sold 'em

Corn flour grinders

Side saddle anyone? Weirdly, side saddle is coming back.
It's a thing.

I'm so happy this bartender didn't make it to Culebra

Lots of fascinating rocks around these here parts

This is not the REAL Geronimo, just in case you wondered

Spirit dancers - there is so much information about these ceremonies
that is worth reading, but I'll leave that up to you

Fancy pants washing machine
 Then we went into the other side. Zowie!!

There was this door with a sign saying, open to the cabin. And there it was, right on the other side of the door. A little mind shift going on.

Forget cow bones this time (unless I see a horned skull on the side of the road), this time in the Western lands my mission is finding an arrowhead. Just one will do, thank you.

There are a lot of wonderful doors in T or C (the local way of saying it, which is harder for me to say than Truth or Consequences for some reason).

Tomorrow or the next day, since we're driving to Texas today to do an errand for Jack that involves retrieving a recliner (and maybe a cow skull), I'll post about the Elephant Butte Dam. And some cool house/shanty boats. And maybe a cow skull.

Have a fast forward frolicking Friday. Do something frankly.

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