Monday, June 13, 2016

Whoopee Bowl Antiques ~ On the Texas Border

Really and truly, this place is so close to the border of New Mexico that if you miss the turn off, you have to go into New Mexico to turn around. You can assume anything you like about how I know this. 

There is no emotional pull from Whoopee Bowl except, holy wow-ness! Of course, that means you like old stuff. If your taste runs to modernistic, futuristic or any istic not connected with lots of days and years gone by, you'll be entertained for about 10 minutes. That will be the surreal side of this place; the giant creatures, the grand and glorious gates, the whimsical bits here and there that catch the eye.

It's hard to find out much of the history of this place, except the main question I wanted to know, which was, did this used to be a station or hall or wild folly of some wealthy Texan? The room with walls of brick and the huge fireplaces, the old wooden stairs and floors, the architectural detail is rich and solid. But no. It was just a huge metal building that someone made into what it is today. One of those 'one person's vision with the bucks to back it up even if it seems crazy' sort of things. 

One thing for sure. If you like wood cook stoves, this will be your bit of heaven.

Think this will fit on the houseboat?

If you want to start your own mini golf course, you could shop here exclusively.

This round, two story building was an aquarium. Yes.

I wanted to get a wagon for Jack's yard but we didn't have the room to carry it

Chris T, what model is this from?

The nails still in the barrels. This struck me for some poignant reason,
the passage of time and plastic in the world. Or something.

Great cart!

Another crazy door

I want this. On the roof of the houseboat. Yeah.
The following two photos are for my brother, a collector of mermaids. Sorry, Jonny, I couldn't find a box to ship one of these beauty's to you.

Need I say more? No.

Check out the door to the left. Ok, you may Boop on now.

A pause in the visual onslaught

This stove was European. I like the originality of it
but it doesn't seem too practical unless it lived in a big space.
Which it most likely did,

Oh the stories these stoves could tell

There was a big sliding barn style door and space beyond. We wanted to look and were told the only thing we were allowed to see there was the bathroom, and that was only because it was Saturday. Ok...yes, we needed to go to the bathroom. The other side was a whole car reupholstery place. HUGE! We followed the red painted footsteps and found the bathroom, and it wasn't easy being sure we were following the right ones back. Right by a mid 80's Corvette, waiting for its new clothes. 

This guy was last seen thing as we exited. Pondering the foibles of humanity, I guess.

Outside were a few (hundred) more bits and we did look a bit but frankly, we were pretty much Whoopee'd out.

It was time to hit the road.

So long, Texas! 

Have a mindful Monday. Do something more and more. 


p.s. Some might be wondering why no rant on the horror of what happened in Orlando. Here's how I see things these days. Haters have so much support, only the awfulness of personal loss will perhaps touch them in that place where the heart is supposed to be, maybe then the shift could come in. Those fighting the good fight for gun control, fair mindedness and love will never have a loss of something to do. For those who don't care, we can only try to live a life that shows why caring matters. And that's about it. I'm pretty tired of huge anger. We're only here a minute or two and while we'll all fail many times, we should be trying active kindness as a lifestyle...and that's all I know.


  1. p.s.s. Here here. These days I can barely breathe, the air is so thick with hate. I feel like a turtle pulling into his shell.

    1. And yet, that is the thing (which from reading fb comments so many want to do) we cannot do. We have to love loudly instead!

    2. Of course, you're right, darlin', but it would be so much easier to do that if I were younger. Sometimes I feel as if I would like to live the rest of my life in denial, peace and denial. Like Pollyanna.
      Naw, WTF, I'm still young, I'll fight to the end.

    3. We just take longer time-outs these days. Love you!

  2. Going through sw withdrawal
    Be careful, it's going to get really hot down there

    1. It has been really hot, as in over 100 degrees with heat warnings. Whoa!