Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Babes in the Woods

I learned about a path in the woods around here I hadn't walked before. Along the way before actually getting into the woods there are blackberry bushes galore. Even though I'm on a berry farm (not a pick your own farm, the berries are picked and put into flats, then sold on the honor system from a open building) there is something about picking berries straight from their source that never fails to make me happier (and my tastebuds too). 

My berry picking companion
A few more steps 

"Grandma, look at all the different trees!'
and we were off the drive and into the woods. The sun filtered down in golden strokes, pine needles littered the path, it was about as idyllic a place as could be wanted. I might have stayed a little longer but we had blackberries to rinse and eat.

She led the way so I wouldn't get lost
Good thinking
Back home, the day had started to cool off (a nice thing with temps in the 90's and little breeze during the day). What a surprise, a baby was waiting!

Dinner with the family in the Turtle. 'scuse the mess, I wasn't planning on company but I'm very glad I did. Nice thing about Turtle mess, just throw everything on the bed and wa la, clear!

This morning I heard my son calling me. 'Come out and...oh, too late.' But it wasn't too late and even though this young fellow wasn't as close as he had been, I had time to change the lens and capture a bit of his boldness. He was only about 30 feet away, if that. He and his sibs come around every morning and evening. I'm hoping my little garden can make it through uneaten.

Have a tall tree Tuesday. Do something tiptoeingly.


  1. How wonderful for you!!
    By the way, that fuzzy stuff on the deers antlers is called velvet. The male deer will start to rub that off as warm weather ends. When cool weather arrives the males get into the rut, not a boring thing like with humans, but a sexy thing, mating season. They will fight each other with their antlers for dominance of the territory. Personally, I prefer flowers and candlelit dinners. Enjoy your Grandma time, my friend. :-))

  2. I knew but forgot about the term velvet. I've always wanted to be in some wild place to see rutting season but it's cold then. Gotta overcome that thing! Yes, human romance in the first world seems preferable to animal style. Enjoying it much! Have a continued lovely summer.