Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July Full Moon ~ Call it By Any Other Name

It will look somewhat the same. 

July 2010 Maine
Unless you are a moon scientist and then you might say, no MJ, it's not really the same at all. And I will say, yeah, but can you tell me the names of this moon? This Buck moon (for the velvet growing on the bucks antlers), this (get it in the barn) Hay moon, this (lightning and) Thunder moon? 

Can you warm yourself with its Summer moon name? Can you measure the empty belly of a Hungry Ghost Moon? Have you tasted a Ripe Corn moon? Or sat in silence, watching the Crane moon mount the sky?

Have you claimed something magical with the Moon of Claiming or drunk your fill on the night of the Mead moon? Did you send your lover flowers on this Rose moon night? Or did you simply measure and conjecture and tell me it's not the same? 

July 2011 Miami
It's most likely a good thing I don't know any moon scientists of my imagination persuasion because if I ever meet one, I have no doubt he or she will probably be a fine person who can teach me interesting things about La Bella Luna. 

A grainy photo taken from my dinghy on the way back home
after a Full Moon party in 2009
I have a lot more full moon photos, if you don't remember that and the moon scientist would be right, they all look different! 

Enjoy the moon tonight, this night in July, 2016, it's the only one you get that will be just like it. 

And if we get a new baby too? I will be able to add to the names of the full moon in July! Grandma Again night! Because it's all about me, right? That's what he said.

Have a terrifically tip top Tuesday. Do something tenderly teasingly.

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