Thursday, July 7, 2016

Go Fly a Kite! Shelter Cove, California

If you feel like you need a little bit of lift to your wings, mental or physical, I suggest you go fly a kite. It's a recipe for spirit soaring that demands very few ingredients. A kite, wind and you. But even watching someone else fly a kite works. Should I qualify that and say, at least it does for me?

Or watching someone else watching someone fly a kite.

Kites are just fun. Ask Charlie Brown, who season after tree-knotted season, continues to bring out the paper, wood and string to try again for that lofty moment of flying freedom.

No kites for sale around you? Make your own. It's a good project, especially if kids are involved. This is a great page to get started. It includes links to free ebooks, videos and instructions for tons of different kites. Ok, not tons. But 27 kinds of kites is a lot. Trust me, she said.

What else was going on in the land of warm days and cool nights where pajamas feel cozy but a fire would be too much? 

The lumber yard here is huge and full of all sorts of unlumberyardish things. Like deer.

And old trucks.

And giant tree stumps (the little girl is not for sale)

There was once a garden nursery here too. This is from those days.
If I liked cold weather, I'd try to get it started again. It's tempting.
The day was warm and the walk to the little cafe in the lumberyard made it warmer. That meant the walk back would include a stop at the river. Shaded by an assortment of tree varieties, the water is stays pretty cold, a weirdly refreshing feeling. Not that I've gone in all the way this year. But I've watched some boys of summer swing out on sturdy ropes from high trees into the deepest parts. They emerge grinning and slightly gasping and usually one time seems to be enough.

We cross land and wade along carefully on mossy rocks
It was pizza night. Down in Shelter Cove there is a pizza place that does it right. Next door is a perfect kite flying field. Or watching the sunset field. Or taking photos that can never entirely, even if I manage to come close, capture what moves my soul field.

A view of the lighthouse and campground from the road above

A Sunrader Toyota motorhome. Yes, I confess, I lusted in my heart.
Please don't tell the Turtle.

It's like the headland at Flamenco x 87%

Nature's doorway

Random wowness

I'm as tall as Elijah!!!
 It seemed like a chance at seeing a Green Flash but there was a cloud layer I'd not really seen earlier. Still, to grouse about that with such a glorious setting, in land and heart people would be ungrateful in the extreme. 

Good night, Shelter Cove. We'll be back.

I noticed I'm starting to write like I talk to The Girl. Oops.

Have a tender Thursday. Do something tradingly.


  1. Until I read this I had forgotten how much I enjoy flying kites. I have a kite on HippieH2ouseboat II, in a storage box. I'm going to dig it out and fly it this weekend, winds permitting. By the way, The Girl is a doll, she looks very sweet, enjoy her.

    1. She's pretty much fun, most of the time. Her eyes are really sharp for finding cool things too. Enjoy your kite flying, it never ever EVER gets old.