Friday, August 17, 2018

Squirrelly Free Range Friday

We don't have squirrels on Culebra. We don't even have mongoose. Mongooses. Mongeese. Hmmm. Well, we don't have them, however they are pluralized (and pluralize they do, ask most of the other islands where they were disastrously imported to kill rodents and snakes. Instead, they killed about everything else and multiplied like rabbits. But, I digress. 

You don't scare me!
The thing about not having something like squirrels as part of daily life is that they are fascinating when seen somewhere else. This particular squirrel likes to try to get into the bird feeder hanging off the porch. He gets quite irritated when we come outside, leaping across the yard (to Murphy's continual frustration - Murphy is the dog, in case you haven't been playing along.) He fairly flies up to the fence top, chattering away with  very understandable meanings that probably shouldn't be repeated here, but along the lines of !%$@*&!. 

I'm waaaaaaaaiiiitttting
Sometimes I hang out a little longer than I planned, just to bug him. I think he knows that. 

Stink eye

He'll be back the minute I slide the door closed and that's really fine with me. As long as he doesn't eat the tomatoes!!!

I was just remembering when Friday used to be Free Range Friday, often about food. I haven't made this old family dinner in ages and it turned out so well, I couldn't imagine why it went off my staple go-to list.

Angel hair pasta and clams
The only thing missing was grated parmesan and while it would definitely have brought more flavor, it was quite delicious with only the minced clams, olive oil, a little butter, minced garlic, fresh parsley with some salt and pepper. 

Lentil and potato soup, with the bones of everything meat and fowl we've been eating lately, plus some meaty ham bones from the freezer (yes, we're selling the freezer too, everything must get used!), garlic, onion, cumin, parsley, a dash of red peppers is on the stove, because this place is AC cool all the time so it feels like soup weather to me! That works!

Have a free ranging Friday. Do something frivolously fine. 

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