Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Murphy Makes a New Friend

I know, this sounds like a fourth grader writing a 'What I Did on My Summer Vacation." Well, it sort of is exactly that, but it's about dogs. Sue me, I had fun.

After a few errands with Murphy in tow, we headed to Bark Park, a public park in the big park where dogs can run free. It's spacious and great for a little dog who tends to run so fast that sometimes he runs too far. There is a big dog side and a small dog side. We went to the small dog side but the small dogs there tended to be old and, like their owners, somewhat cliquish. So we headed to the big dog side, where the Great Dane Blue had already made some overtures through the fence. 

"Something tells me I'm into something good!" There is a song for everything. I'm annoying that way.

Blue and Murphy only took a minute to get to know each other. There were other dogs there but that came later.

Blue figured out right away that Murphy could and would hold his own
I hate to be judgmental (ok, if you know me, I really don't hate that at all), but the big dog side people were friendly and funny, whereas the small dog people...meh. There was a lot of laughter on the big dog side.

It's a dog sniff dog world

Everyone seemed to check out ok and Murphy was a bit the Alpha dog.
Weird. But hilarious.
For awhile, Murphy was the chasee, all of them running hard all over the area. Until the tables turned and suddenly Blue was being chased. I know, it sounds boringly mundane, unless you can imagine this little dog and mid-sized what looked like a pit and boxer mix chasing this pretty huge Great Dane. Fast. 

The Husky chose not to be involved in this game of chase
At last, little Murphy was tired. So was Blue, but they couldn't resist giving each other one last bit of dog hierarchy moments, Murphy getting in a bark or two. "I'm done, deal with it."

A kiss is just a kiss

Hey, I'm done! Blue got the message.

I loved this photo because Blue's legs were so elegant.
Then I saw the photo bomber. 
Nice people, nice park, nice time out for all of us. Bark Park. Yeah. I like it.

Okay, we're done. C'mon, two legged, time to go.
Have a welcoming Wednesday. Do something waywardly.

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