Wednesday, September 11, 2013

From the Porch

Yesterday it was over 90 degrees here and today is expected to be the same, though clouds might help with that. It was mentioned that being from a tropical place, I was used it it. I mentioned back that one of the great parts of being here wasn't sweating. I was sweating sitting, standing and walking Mackey. I found a fan and we sat in front of it. Yep, just like home.

Mack in the alley with his pals

There is plenty that is not at all like home, so right now, the heat being ignorable this early in the day (please notice I am calling a bit after 8 a.m. early - life without chickens is different in get going mode). here is some different Walnut trees, fat sassy squirrels, cottontail bunnies like popcorn in the alleys...alleys.

Walnut from the tree

Inner shell (just like a coconut, but different)

 After I opened the walnut to this point, I left it on the porch wall to dry out, plus, the outer hull was still really fragrant. Yesterday apparently a squirrel found it and all that was left were little bits of nothing. I like that!

Web spinning next door

Sunset view down the street

One of hundreds of bunnies around here.

A man was sitting outside a shop and selling these, each bag printed with salted, unsalted and raw. I don't think he had boiled peanuts but I bet they've got them around here somewhere.

The squirrels are seriously bold here. This one was about three feet from Mackey and not in the least worried. Dog? So? I've got a walnut, I'm busy here!
Cherish life, hug your families and friends today in memory of all of those who lost their lives in the horror of this day 12 years ago.


  1. How are you getting so much sun when we've had cloud and rain for weeks!?

    otremen 9

    1. I have no idea! Apparently there is going to be a storm later today, if that helps.