Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Looking Backwardly Forward

I've been slow to catch up here, through no particular reason. At all. It can't be the wine and good food and dog walks and catching up with stories. Or getting a tour of the routes to here and there (which I don't remember at all, but that is why god made GPS's). It's not because of that.

While I'm figuring it out, here's a look back so I can get to be here now zone.

Looking down in gold

There be dragons here!

Sky train

Somewhere over someplace

Bat? Mask? Prehistoric elephant head? You decide.

I haven't flown into Miami for many years but when Vizcaya shows up, bigger than its already bigger than life vision, you know you can't be anywhere else.

Somewhere in the airport in Miami. It's hiding, you'll have to look. Up.

Back on the ground, I'm in a place of contrasts. There are a million brick houses surrounded by  tropical sorts of plants. I've smelled wood burning, but I didn't put socks on until last night, while later today shorts will be just fine. Today I'll be on my own - if a dog connected to the hip and cats with their own personal alarm clocks is on my own - with Linda heading toward spanakopita, honey and bread, hand carved steps to the tops of islands. Let the exploring for all begin!
Have a travel through Tuesday. Do something time taking.


  1. Great photos! The one with the wing tip in it looks like it was taken from outside the plane.

    151 helsab

    1. Thanks! Shhhh, I don't want anyone to know my secret powers!

  2. I love plane-in-the-sky pictures. Nice.

    1. Always love to take these, glad you like them too.

  3. I've lived in Michigan my whole life and traveled most of it, yet I look forward to what you are going to show me about my home state!

    1. Thanks, Kerri. Not so much yet, as I picked up a cold on exiting the airplane, the one thing you can still get free. Once I'm not as housebound, we'll see what I see!