Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Real Life

On Thursday I went with three women to a local country club for drinks and dinner. I was overdressed. Slacks versus shorts, shoes versus...ok, most of them didn't have flip flops on.  I will give you a moment to compose yourselves and no, there is no photo.

I was told it was casual but hey, I'm from Culebra, where I might go out on a Friday night afternoon straight from working, paint stained and sweaty but hopefully not too offensive for hugging (we do that a lot). A country club on Grosse Ile, home of the rich and locally famous? But - it wasn't exactly a country club, it was the Elba Mar Boat Club, sort of like - well, maybe Seabourne, fun, casual and good food, and unlike Seabourne, cheap drinks. What's not to like?

After a noshing of perch for me, mac and cheese and a big salad for the others, we took a drive around. There were some lovely homes, some like farm houses on the sea, reminding me of the Eastern shore in Maryland and that's a compliment. But overwhelming all of the human built beauty was the sunset, knocking me almost senseless. Some would say that's not a far road for me to travel.

It started like this

And then went to this (thanks, Karen, for heeding my many STOP STOP HERE PLEASE)

Making a few turns on a sweet little road, there was a bridge. We stopped for this. Oh yes we did.
Literally in minutes, it went to this

I jumped out of the car and trespassed onto a huge lawn because it was like this
After that, I put the camera away, though the rest of the drive was full of beautifully classic homes,  along a riverside drive. Maybe another day.

Have a satisfied Saturday. Do something striking.

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