Monday, September 23, 2013

Michigan Road Trip Finale, Finally

At the end of the day, any road trip has an ending. We'd thought about leaving around noon but the reality was, we'd seen so much and while there is always 'more' why not just be content with our joy? And then, we got more than any farther away or further in could have provided. Dawn.

I took Mack for a free of the leash walk on the beach, slowly gathered our bits and pieces (except the can opener, enjoy it, A frame people!), drank a couple of cups of very good coffee with Jeff's watery milk - these health people! - and packed it up.

The A frame, straight out of a 1960's getaway. Perfect. Wood burning stove included.

Karen heading out to take one last photo. Mackey wasn't moving far from her vehicle, just in case we were thinking of leaving him behind.
It was time to hit the road. The weather was beautiful and so was the ride.

The country Up North is so varied. One minute you are looking at farms and flat land and then, ahead is beautifully rolling landscape.

Fall color was just beginning to fill in the green

Fishin' is good and the livin' is - well, maybe not so easy but for now? Yes it is.

No! Don't stop!

Christmas trees are a big business around these parts

"Turn around! Turn around!" At first, I thought it was just a very beautiful barn but in my glance I'd also seen what I first thought were llamas that turned out to be alpacas. Karen obligingly reversed our course and was glad she did.

That's truth in advertising

There were alpacas on both sides of the road. We didn't know if it was one operation or two and really? For us? Who cares?

This was the first one that caught my eye

And this was the second

This black beauty stole Karen's heart immediately

Just a guess that this is one of the Mama's; she was pretty far back so we couldn't be sure

That tangled top knot was rough and soft at the same time, reminding me of touching a buffalo once upon a time. You only get once with a fairly wild buffalo.

Curiouser and curiouser

Yes, we lost our hearts but we went onward, alpacaless, back to the cityscape and slightly beyond. Mackey was plenty for the backseat.

If you can pronounce it, you are doing better than I. But hearing me try made Karen laugh enough to make sure I got it in pixels. Go ahead. Try. You know you want to.

I have no idea what this sign means and I am having no success finding out. Anyone have a clue?
Karen told me that one man, Manuel "Matty" Moroun, owns this building.
Once the grand Michigan Central train depot, this building has a fascinating history since its construction in 1912. Mr. Moroun also owns (among other holdings) the Ambassador Bridge, a toll bridge also called the Bridge to Canada. "The bridge is responsible for 60-70% of commercial truck traffic in the region. Moroun also owns the Ammex Detroit Duty Free Stores at both the bridge and the tunnel. It is one of the only two Canada-US border crossings where people travel North into the United States." according to Wikipedia. Restoration has been a faltering on and off project since it was officially closed in 1988. Time will tell what happens next. Ah yes, the city again.

We were back. Linda doesn't live in the city but in a classically American neighborhood of brick and wood homes, almost every single one well cared for. With winter on the horizon, home repairs are either done or being finished up, like squirrels packing away their store, preparation will soon give way to time to have that done. We all have our own seasons and I for one am cautiously knocking on wood for ours at home.

From Lake Michigan's northern rural and beachy beauty to the many facets of Detroit, Michigan continues to surprise me. I don't think those surprises are over yet.

It's 46 degrees right now. I'm snug in bed, cozy with socks and sweater, Mackey on one side and Itchy the cat on the other, my living hot water bottles. Eventually it will be time to go out for a walk, but not yet. Now if I could just train them to make my tea...

Have a mold your memorable moments Monday. Do something moveable.


  1. That is the old Jack Rabbit Beans plant, they sold dried navy , pinto , black turtle etc. beans

    1. Thank you so much! All I could find was about a cool coffee place with a pneumatic bean delivery system! Here is a great article with the sign lit up at night. I love old neon signs and this is a good one with a good story.

      and another story of how it got named -

  2. Very nice road trip/travel photo log blog. Enjoyed it very much, especially the sand dunes and Lake Michigan, how beautiful. The dune photo where the kids said "don't do it" I understood. In Kitty Hawk, NC. (Wright Bros.), there is a dune like that and it will kick your ass climbing it! Soft sand is hard enough to walk in level, incline 10 times more so. Glad to see you're having a great time.

    1. Happy to have you along for the trip. I've seen those dunes in NC, amazing and different still. The whole lake thing does something different, you've got to check them out!

    2. Will do!