Thursday, June 5, 2014

Housekeeping Culebra Style

Yesterday was yet another Fajardo day for me. For the first time in my years here, I sat below in the freezer locker both going over and coming back, bowing to the humidity that even before the sun had properly crested the horizon was laying heavy in the air. The good part was chatting with friends I see in passing but not for long, quiet - relatively quiet - stretches of time. It is like being in a temporary time capsule, news of the present, stories of the past and a lot of laughter making the slow boat to China run pass more quickly.

One day this bar will be open and I will absolutely check it out. But at 9 in the morning, the outside is just fine.
Pollen counts are high these days, something I never really paid much attention to until this year, when it seems my nose is more sensitive than in my entire life, bringing teary eyes and sneezes. Rumor has it I am not alone. But along with sniffly faces, it also brings out the birds and the bees and the flowers in the trees and...well, all that.

This is the tree I call the Junk Tree that gets the pearly berries leaving drunk birds in its wake. I wonder if the nectar is as intoxicating.

Spike was looking quite perky the other morning

Bird on a wire

But not for long
If your interest is motivated by birds, here is a page about learning bird song from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

The other day we went to the food stand on the road to Resaca. The owner/cook said they were out of chicken, so I asked for his suggestion. He made up a plate of beautiful fat pork chops, with a side of rice and beans for a very reasonable price, served up with smiles. Check it out.

There was an early morning rain today washing clear the air and the breeze is back. Heavenly, after a couple of days where it felt sweat if you move am I growing gills late August weather. The color is back to the sky and waters. Life is good. 

Have a think your way through thorns Thursday. Do something try-angular.


  1. Best photo yet of Spike. His personality shows through...

    1. Then you're really going to like the one I got about 15 minutes ago!