Friday, October 2, 2015

I 20. Always Ready for Halloween

You would think after the Dallas/Ft. Worth craziness it would be smooth sailing west. That's what I thought, anyway. But there is some vibe on this road that just feels weird...

Sunrise yesterday morning. It's just starting here now.
It started with the first gas stop. There was this woman in front of
me, husky sized, in a Wind Energy tee shirt and sweats, really dirty
and hair like doll hair. Bad bad doll hair. Grey roots, then brown
then red but all upside down and sideways on her head. I figured, hey,
she works with the guys, that's how that is, good for her. Then she turned around and SHE HAD A DOLL FACE. That creepy smile, that smooth round face. I didn't scream but I did sort of yelp. And it's been like that ever since.

Texas is NOT flat. It goes up and up and up and up some more.
The blue highway was right beside I 20 - it dipped deep and rose steep;
I was glad I wasn't on it.

I missed the Stinky Creek sign

The area with the windmills. Hundreds? Thousands? A lot.

I saw what looked like a cool park to have lunch in. Up
up up a very narrow, very broken road on the edge of a cliff...I kept
thinking any turn I'd see huge limestone rocks blocking my way. But
no, on the top was an office. With no one in it. Then I saw a girl
drive this nothingness. I thought, she must be meeting a
lover, who else would fucking come here? Sure enough, up drives a guy. Then another girl. Then someone else. Maybe it was a Creepy Party. I looked up free camping and saw the Comanche Trail Park. 5 spots with no hook ups but a park and free. It was only minutes away. Fantastic!
There is a very dramatic overlook. Creepy road, dramatic overlook

What is around this turn? More road, I hoped. There was.

The empty locked up office

A beautiful limestone shelter

This butterfly kept me company
Not so fantastic. The park was HUGE and there was NO ONE THERE. No official people. No one in the beautiful (locked up) pool. No children no one. Wait, there was one creepy guy, sleeping in his car by the creepy Historic Spring (no name, just a big stone with Historic Spring carved into it). The spring was stagnant. I saw the 5 spaces but they
were cabled off. First time I'd choose a Walmart parking lot over a
park, super creepy! The Turtle was getting hot, not overheating but
coming near halfway (never happened before) so I thought maybe there was oh...a gas station, anything. There are some but getting there, when you can actually SEE it, is pretty much like going through a maze to get 20 feet in the right direction. Very weird.

Historic Spring

Turtle that jumped off the rocks at my approach. 


Water. Even the water looked creepy.

But today I'm out of here. The glow of a beautiful sunrise is out there, the promise of a better day. 

Have a not freaky Friday. Do something fast forward.


  1. Well, it's Texas - what else need be said?

    1. Aw, Texas has some good spots. Eastern Texas just isn't one of them!

  2. I just re-read your post, while humming the Twilight Zone theme song. Hope by now you are well past the weirdness! Wish you got a picture of doll face.

    1. I wish I'd gotten that photo too, because it's in my head and I could share it so I'm not alone with it!