Thursday, October 1, 2015

Texas. It's Big.

Making my way across Texas. I know there is a lot of beauty here, but with an accelerated mission to get to California, I'm pretty much not seeing it. I will say, the welcome place probably wins for hugeness. There were probably 8 racks, back and front, as tall as me, filled with literature on Texas, in library like staging. 

Kind of bayou looking

There was a huge television screen with the weather channel on. Lots of Texas stuff, but the best is the trash campaign. I got a little sticker that says Don't Mess With Texas. The woman told me it was the slogan of the litter program, in use for over 30 years. I guess because so many people throw out the literature, they also give you a bag to carry it in. 

And that was the last impressive thing I saw before getting through, by the skin of our teeth (me and the Turtle), the Dallas / Fort Worth craziness. The woman at the Welcome Center advised taking I 20 as it 'went south of all that mess'. If that was south of the mess, I never want to be IN the mess. People drive faster than in South Florida by a long shot. At one point, I needed - or thought I did - to change lanes. Checking out my side mirrors was like a horror movie, cars and trucks zooming into it and beyond. I stayed in the lane I was in, held on tight and drove that poor Turtle like it has probably never been driven before. I did find out, for one harrowing moment, that it can go 70 mph if asked in a prayerful screech.

Any good guesses beside giant spark plugs?
After that excitement (and the photo above was taken long before it, no photos happen when my hands are glued to the steering wheel), there were still about 100 miles to go. Somehow, my arms steered me off that road and I ended up in front of a Thai restaurant. I don't know how that happened and I didn't go in and eat. The realization that this was it for the night was upon me and there was no fighting to be done. 

The sun is about to spill over the horizon, the air is still cool (it's hot in the day here) and I'm taking off.

Have a...oh, I can't think of anything this morning yet! Coffee, then clever.

Love, me


  1. That spark plug thingie is a high-voltage transformer.

    1. It absolutely looks capable of transforming something into something!