Saturday, October 3, 2015

Texas. It's Not Just Awful.

A beautiful dawning to get out of Hell, Texas
I think I became a little mentally skewed (yes, peanut gallery, have your little laugh) for awhile going through eastern Texas. Perhaps even slightly unhinged. I only know that after the smell of oil - the air is heavy with it - was out of my nostrils and the traffic was sparse and the road wasn't full of crater like divots, everything seemed better. The sun was shinier, the air was sniffier, life was good again. And then came the mountains, their drama something to focus on in the up aheadness. 

There is a Meteor Crater Museum in Odessa (really) but I didn't stop. 

This is where smiles started again. Even the GPS lady stopped freaking out.

Carving out roads. What work was done here!

Lots of mountain ranges, little traffic, nice weather. All good.
I met up with Jack in Sierra Blanca. After a good lunch we headed out to his place. I was glad to follow him, only because the one turn to make comes up in a hurry and missing it could be not a good thing.

There wasn't the dramatic sunset of the last time I was here, but it still has its own beauty. Maybe just being off the road and with an old friend for a couple of days helps too. This was never supposed to be a 'get there' sort of trip, but one does what one does and when I DO get there (Northern California), it will be time for a good long look about!

A good sleep with the weather cooled off means waking with first light. Making sure no rattlesnakes (BUT NO BEARS!!) lurked, I went outside greet the day. 

The sky got dark, the wind came up and we got a tiny bit of rain - a nice bit of weather drama - but that is all gone now. Time to do something that seems important. Like read...or crochet...or make lunch.

Have a seeing sights Saturday. Do something simpatico.


  1. Western Texas is pretty nice, has the real west feel. Eastern, not so much, too much influence from the states east of it, necks too long in the sun.
    I was getting tense as you drove through Texas the last few days, but it's all blue skies and wide open spaces now. Enjoy!! We are!

    1. Sorry you got tense; obviously I was contagious! The time out has been good, next hurdle will be getting around LA but I think there is some good advice on how to do this that I can follow. Life is definitely brighter!