Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Shreveport to Somewhere, Texas

Driving on the interstate is...oh wait, I already said that. Did I mention the weird loop effect? The same trucks and vehicles passing by over and over again, feeling like being on a treadmill? That's okay. The sounds of different pavements is a strange song, like someone playing with a vibraphone, no melody in mind. 

There isn't a lot in the state campground department near I20 West, so  I'm winging it. A weird kind of fun.

A home being built right outside the entrance to Poverty Point.
I don't think Poverty is the by-word here. 

Why I stayed on the interstate
The whole reason I stopped in Shreveport was for oysters. But the place I went didn't do oysters at lunch. The other place I went only did fried oysters. That's okay, it was a good place to stop for the day/night and somewhere out there my oysters are.

There is a website that tells where free camping places (or rather, parking places that allow rv's) might be found, all over the US. One was the El Dorado Casino, in Shreveport. It sounded a lot more interesting than a WalMart parking lot and hey, where can you feel safer?

The woman I talked to said they had room, so there I was. A super nice guy running the valet service said I was really supposed to be across the street in parking there 'but I'm the supervisor and you're fine right where you are, I'll keep an eye on you.' Wow, Casino guy, thanks!!

I had my own little park on the river! It was wonderfully bizarre.

This place is huge

AND!! a bridge to look at

I'm standing in the side parking lot of the casino; the bridge starts right there

The covered entrance roof

Lots of lights and color changes and...what is this?
I lost 3 dollars to the slots (98% return guaranteed! I obviously set up the next person, no doubt) and my debt to the casino felt paid up. 

Sweet night lights.
Across the river must be the mall of supersize me. It starts with Outdoor World and stretched a good mile or so. I'm glad I was on my side.

Down the way from my parking spot 
A round, glass sided building that looked abandoned is next to the casino. I didn't notice it until an evening walkabout. It was like being in an abandoned amusement park. I'd wondered earlier why there was no river walk sort of place and there it was. No people around, some lit areas, bridges going everywhere, cool sculptures. Strange and wonderful.

This fountain was making water music in the night
There was also a big amphitheater sort of thing

Terrible photo but the battery died before I could use my flash on it.
This is only a small section of it.
The parking lot was quiet this morning so it seemed like a good time to take off. The Little Turtle That Does got me onto the interstate and merged into traffic. She does give a bump of speed when absolutely necessary and merging into traffic from the left side is that sort of necessary. 

Here at the Texas Welcome Center, charging my camera battery and using the free wi-fi, planning out the next section of the trip. The blue road, Highway 80, isn't such a great road and Dallas is the next big object in my way to get around with the least white knuckle grip. 

See you on the other side! 

Have a work it Wednesday! Do something warrior-like (in the brave way).

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