Friday, September 4, 2015

From There to Here

ARGH! I lost a post I'd been trying to get online for about 3 days, full of photos. Do I go back with this awesome connection in the library or do I start anew? I'll put up a few photos (uh huh) and go from there.

Ok, it's not going to be a few photos. And I'm not going to edit either, as the day is getting away from me. I know you know what to do.

The following bit is all that got saved from the other post...

Once Erika the storm cleared Culebra as less than a storm, I really stopped thinking about her. But that didn't make her remnants less real. Florida got whomped on rain wise, and while driving the Turtle involved a few moments of 'oh, I wish there was someplace to pull over' it didn't really get bad on the route I took until after I was safely ensconced in a friend's guest room in Savannah, able to get off the wet and stormy roads for a few days.  

It looks like the rain is pulling away and soon it will be time to head to the mountains of North Carolina. Making plans is becoming almost a pin the tail on the donkey game. No metaphors please.

A1A runs out at the St. Johns River Ferry

Our first trip on a ferry together! Very excited!

It barely lasted 15 minutes. 6 bucks. And I was happy to pay it.
Yes, there is a lesson.

One of the first things I saw in Fernandina Beach.

This guy sits outside the welcome center, checking his watch.
Not his cell phone. 
The nice people in there told me about a free beach place to park overnight. But first, a Fernandina stroll.

Sometimes I wonder if these signs are really old.

I don't know if this is old or not but I like it!

No Seagulls

Ok, this looks old.

The place I stayed, Peter Point Park (all jokes allowed and encouraged), wasn't really a park so much as a parking lot. A huge parking lot. People came and went all night, including empty tour busses that would idle there for an hour or so, go away and come back. I have no idea what anyone was doing but there were guesses. 

There were quite a few boardwalks over the dunes. Nice.

Part of the beach was drivable. No, I didn't take the Turtle to the Sea.

A very busy Ruddy Turnstone. I've not seen one in years.

What is that black stuff? I don't know. I don't want to know.
 This is the part where the remnants of Erika came to visit.

The view from my big window
 And then the sun was back!!

Sort of

When the sea foam was all yellow, my sister Francie convinced us it was
seagull pee. That castle will never be the same.

The sun struggled for awhile

And eventually came out above the clouds.
It was time for South Carolina and renewing a knowing that turned into meeting another sister of my soul.

Another blue highway

Cobblestone streets of Savannah (the streetcar isn't used now...too bad)

I was looking at the guy. Until working with the photo, I didn't realize
he was looking at something too 

Those balconies seem smaller with people on them

Stone work everywhere

This is why they call them cobble STONES. They are seriously bumpy.
 We stopped at what looked like it could have been an art show, though late in the day. Turns out, it was a Wicca sort of thing. No one looked particularly happy to be there, including the people putting it on. 

Maybe being dressed in a mountain lion doesn't make for joy

The response when I asked if she smiled

Fantasies I've never had

The Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil house. It's a museum now,
too many tourists.
 Even in books, time in Savannah is marked not just by the Civil War, but before or after the movie and book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The ruination of Tybee Island, the destruction of old places for new condos, anything bad is blamed on the tourism brought about by the book and movie. The family in this house moved out due to people literally just walking into the house and taking things. 

On the other hand...tourism dollars line pockets more than crying hankies.

River walk sights

A local ferry

Full house for dinner. The live music was really sad and somewhat
depressing. Such an odd choice of music
(ex. Eric Clapton's Tears From Heaven)

Haitian art but no artist to be found
Pizza guy making our spinach and artichoke pizza at Whole Foods
(no comments on Whole Foods, por favor, it was good pizza and a nice guy)

He said it wasn't ready to toss but would this be good?
Sweet Joanie
After a few days of incredible hospitality from Joanie, it was time to get back on the road. 

There is never a place to stop when crossing a state line;
South Carolina came up quick!

I took this on the fly. If you look closely, I was in Gifford, South Carolina!

Can you believe these prices????

Looking for work?

Dry roads and my first glimpse of mountains
I go reeeeeaaaaaalllllly slow on these hills.
No doubt I'm being cursed often.

Speaking of cursing...

Finally in Gastonia, NC
I don't know why I drove so long yesterday. It was like I was possessed by the roads, unable to stop. But finally, in Gastonia, it hit me. Too late to camp in a state campground. A ranger said I couldn't stay in the parking lot, to go to WalMart. So I dragged us over there. Never, ever, ever again. Loud with cars and trucks and yelling. All night. But nothing happened, all was well and it was good to stop. Next time, I'll find the library. 

From WalMart's parking lot
Sorry for the overload but I might be offline for awhile as I head up to the mountain home of my brother's. No doubt I'll be a beloved vehicle as the roads get steeper...

There are so many things going on with friends and family, so along with the usual 'me me me' please know love and light and healing thoughts are in the heart and in the air.

Have a feel your freedom Friday. Do something - even a tiny little something - fabulous!


  1. Thank you. Have a great time with your brother. Miss you when you don't post.

    1. Thanks! I miss it when I don't (usually means can't) post too!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh...the memories flood. All my trips were northern routes and equally magical and mesmerizing. There's nothing like solo-cruising the Blue Highways! BTW, did you see my question about whether you have come upon William Least-Heat Moon's wonderful travel book, Blue Hghways?

    Wonderful images; juicy text. I too remember those wondrful libraries along the way. Thanks for the lyrical record!

    Blessed be,

    1. One day I'd love to hear about your trips! Yes, I read Blue Highways (told you on fb I think, easy to miss that!). His ex-wife was my writing professor; she was amazing, still is I hope.

  3. So many things to see, people to meet. This is why I love love roadtrips. People to chat with along the way at rest stops, markets, delightful get-to-gethers along the way. Glad you can post on occasion. Enjoy :)

  4. It keeps life entertaining, new humans and places do!