Sunday, August 30, 2015

Devil's in the Details

Hola, gentle readers! I'm in a bit of online 'can't get there from here' at the moment and working to figure it out, so just a non-photo update for now.

Savannah is a beautiful town. Getting here kept me laughing most of the way, especially when A1A ran out and there was a ferry to catch. A great couple in the parking area gave me all the details and for 6 bucks, off we went, the Turtle and me, onto a little ferry. Luckily it was roll on, roll off; though backing up is something I'm getting pretty comfortable doing, I am truly glad it wasn't required. Then, there was A1A again, over vast expanses of marshes, grasses growing up out of cloud reflecting waters, low arched bridges connecting land bits small and big. 

The back roads I've been taking are pretty perfect for the Turtle. Max speeds of 60, but usually 55 (my favorite), good surfaces and it seems we've left the semis back in Florida, except occasionally. In towns two or three lanes lets people get around me easily - they are speeding, I am not - but I always feel bad if someone is stuck behind me for long...

And then, into Savannah. I've decided, since landing at the ferry by surprise, to take the adventure pretty much just using the GPS. She screws us up on occasion, but it makes the journey more interesting, wending through neighborhoods I would have missed and maybe a couple I wish I'd missed. It makes me even more happy that the outside look of the Turtle is pretty much 'old' and not the fun vibrant colors in my imagination for her. Old is good, old looks boring. Better to let assumptions lead the way.

Savannah has very bumpy streets, cobbles stones that are really stones, round and separate. Lovely to look at, maybe fun to drive on in a certain type of vehicle like a Rolls Royce or a tank, hell in the Turtle. Rattling and rolling along, with no parking in sight, I finally said screw it and turned down a street and another into a beautiful dead end and parked. It was wonderful. Illegal but wonderful; I wanted to make tea. But I really only stayed long enough to get phone numbers and an address to lead me to the home of a wonderful woman who has been a bigger part of my life than I was of hers since I was barely a teen (she was 'older' you see, but not so much now!).

Like peas in the proverbial pod, we're filling in the history gaps easily. I'll be here until I leave for the mountains, surrounded by cats and dogs and all the tea in China.

Have a slew of sated sighs Saturday. Do something situationally sweet.


  1. Savannah is our favorite East Coast city, great food, great history and architecture, great art and music scene, it's just all around great. Enjoy!!

    1. I have always really liked it as well, lots of ahhhs and oohhhhs!