Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It's All About the POV

Finding out the gas tank on the Turtle needs to be replaced, only an hour after hearing it was only a hose and clamp, threw me for a loop. 

I try to keep my head on straight (well, straight as I see it) and balance the reality of the world's issues, my friends who are undergoing health and emotional issues and my own reality, I really do And I know I am almost always waaaaaaaaay on the top of that pile. But sometimes, it is easy to slip into that 'the Universe is dooming me!' over something not ultimately very important at all. 

So? What? It's a reality check that, for me, usually involves a long walk - because pulling my hair out in public puts a curb on it. Because 'out there', looking out of my head instead of into my triviality that the Universe really isn't focused on, everything changes. Balance comes back. Thankfulness returns. And that is good...because otherwise, I'd probably be a homicidal maniac. That would be bad.

Waking up this morning to a creeping dawn that feeling was still there; it was time to use this time to not just sit on my wah wah but to get out to the day. And I did.

Hello, moon! I've missed you.

Soon to the sea

I almost stepped on this fragile beauty

Is this a real turtle run? At the top, there was a circle of activity, so maybe. 

I see the light!

And I see the light!

They were far down the beach but the expression on this dog's face was pretty sweet



Thank you

Every picture tells a story. Make one up.
After days of grey skies, the sun is back and it is definitely sum sum summertime. So close to the beach, a later walk to see what there is to see will be in bathing suit mode to jump in and cool off. Insert something profound here.

Have a work it out Wednesday. Do something whooshful.


  1. Awww! Sorry on the gas*t happens, but when it reaches in your pocket, it seems worse. I read something recently, "Be like your dog, throw some dirt over that shit and move on".

    1. Very true and I'm over it in most ways, ready to get on the road!