Monday, August 17, 2015

Storms and Cows

Yesterday looked, on and off, like we would have the mother of all storms; waves of black clouds roiling overhead, blotting out the bluest of blue skies, thunder in long-lasting rolls of percussion and then about 492 raindrops. Once clear again, the heat was back on. Close the curtains to the blaring sun, turn the fan on and grab my book. 

Here comes the...never mind.
Oh! this time we're in for...never mind

At last, a cover of cloud rolled in, with distant lightning and thunder but no rain. The temperature literally dropped about 15 degrees and I was out the door, headed to the cows. 

The day before they'd all been by the fence near the road, something I'd not seen before. Of course, cows do not stay where you want them merely to be photographed. Luckily though, a few were there and it was cow communion time. 

These two cows were interested but didn't really do more than lift their heads to stare at me while I stared at them. Hello, you two!

The cow in the back wandered, not far away but not at all interested
This cow, however, practically ran from mid-field, to see me. She'd stop  and stare; I'd walk a bit this way, she'd follow. I'd walk that way, she'd follow. Finally I went back across the street and she came right up to the fence, looking almost forlorn (yes, that was me putting that on her). I felt the same, touched weirdly and wonderfully by our connecting, but figured no one would appreciate me bringing her back to the Turtle. I've seen gypsy wagons pulling cows but I'm pretty sure it would never work for us.

On her way from mid field

Look at that face!

We engaged awhile

Following me down the way

One last look from across the street
This pasture is right next to a playground, as well as surrounded on three sides by homes. It's big, maybe three or four football fields worth of big, but not rural by Central Florida standards - where to the surprise of many there is a LOT of rural. It ain't all Disney and Miami Beach by a long shot. Though the Florida of today is not at all the Florida I grew up in, especially coastal Florida, there is still some mystery and a lot of history to be found. And there will always be cows. 

Have a milk for meaning Monday. Do something moooovable.


  1. I can bring my goats and you can bring your cows and together we will have a complete audience! What a show we could put on!

    1. Or THEY will have a complete audience!