Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Pompan Beach Walkabout

The difference between Culerba and Pompano Beach is...ok, the thing the same about Culebra and Pompano Beach is they both have a beach. After that, there are a few exponential leaps to both have some funky aspects that if you search a little bit, aren't rally too hard to find. Yesterday I went searching, on foot, after my brother gave me a quick tour the other night. 

One of the things found was a tiny home. Okay, not tiny, but small. Very small. No one lives there anymore, but it still exists. There is also one next to it, right on A1A. It also looks like no one lives there. Of course, they are both sided with condos and large apartment buildings so I fear that one day they will be razed and replaced with anonymous cubes. Until then, how wonderful!

Simple, old Florida

Ficus (or banyan)

This house is right on A1A, it even has a fireplace!

Not tiny but not anything fancy either
Right in the middle of this neighborhood is this canal that goes the whole block. Most of the homes and the small apartment buildings (one story) are modest. It is surrounded by $$$ homes, yet there it is.

This car was in one of the driveways

The beach on one side, the ICW on the other

There aren't a lot of old vehicles around here, so the HULK stood out
Right before the bridge is a sweet little park. Green space and benches, restrooms, short public docks and fishing allowed. A sign says 'Fishermen please be courteous to docking boats by pulling your lines in'. The docks are not for overnighters but for day use and free.

Hillboro Inlet Lighthouse

What's not to like about Fresnel lamps/lights/lens? 
In looking up Fresnel lamps (because they used to be lit with candles), I learned something I never knew. The pronunciation is, properly, fray-NELL, not FREZ NEL. "Augustin-Jean Fresnel (pronounced [freɪ 'nel] in AmE (or fray-NELL), [fʁɛ nɛl] in French)" - there you go. 

Along the way, I saw a store for electric bikes. I've always thought it would be nice to have one and thought, hey, I might as well go in and look. Of course, I sort of forgot that I was wearing a t-shirt over my bathing suit (wearing board shorts for bottoms, it wasn't far from shorts, right?) and sweat was literally bathing my face and body. Bathing, hell, I was a sweat fountain.

Of course it was a store with about eight bikes in it, no customers and one eager, though very nice, salesman. As we chatted, something got caught in my throat and I started choking (grass from the weedwhackers? I have no idea). Gasping out 'Water?' he ran to get some, no doubt sure that a lunatic homeless woman had come into his store to die. A few sips and I was fine, assuring him I was not going to become an insurance claim. Of course, then I had to listen to a few detailed descriptions of bikes I might want to try riding 'just to see how I liked them'. I declined, thanked him for the water, took his card and strolled out. 

That was when I found the park. The water. The breeze. Hooray!!

Honoring the Keepers of the Light
This bridge connects Pompano Beach and Hillsboro Beach
I wanted to stand in the middle of the bridge to take some photos, but the construction going on temporarily has blocked the sidewalk. So I stood around watching a guy kayaking and then watched the bridge open.

In a pretty surreal moment, I was looking at the barrels on the bridge and thinking, Oh no! They are going to tumble down! And then, they didn't.

One of the things the bridge will have is a statue of the Barefoot Mailman, in homage to the mailmen who carried mail around South Florida before there were bridges. So they walked on the beach. For eighty miles, in the sand, loaded down with mail, it was beach and small boats across the inlets to deliver the mail. They deserve some recognition for sure!

On the way back, I cut through a pricier neighborhood. Funk still abounded. 

You can never have too many statues. I guess.
A sitting lion, a sleeping lion, an eagle and I don't know what the other thing is.

The biggest ponytail palm I've ever seen and the only one I've ever seen blooming.

Probably my favorite of the small homes, this one is also on A1A.
Very Spanish, very cool.

On the way back, I came by the canal again.
These cement tables and benches are so Florida! This set is in really good condition.

Have a titillation of your tensions Thursday. Do something tunefully.


  1. I like that area of Florida. Both our sons live there, one in Pompano, one in Lauderdale. That green Ford is a F100, I believe, before the F 150. Derek, our Lauderdale son, has his grandfather's 1969 F100, sitting in a field in Virginia, waiting to be restored and made pretty. It's built like a tank, no power steering, no power brakes, heavy spring clutch with 3 speed on the column. No laid back driving with this baby, white knuckle grip and strong legs. Glad to see you're having fun. ;-)

    1. Gotta make the fun! I forgot they lived around here. Yes, that truck looked like it would take some muscle; makes the Turtle look like a cruisy driving machine!