Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Thanks, Sebastian, It's Been Good to See You!

I've been watching fishermen all of my life and have come to one conclusion. They are all the same person (man or woman), just rotating into different bodies at different times. The intensity, dedication, laughter, chatter, never changes. It always changes.

The fishermen are everywhere, all rigged up, fishing off the shore, off the jetties (with special carts to carry their gear), off the bridges. Many cast for their own bait, and show off their catches or give reasons for their not-catches. It's a good story with no ending, day or night. I need to get a license, but I don't think it would have mattered much.

Ready to fish!
Birds are their only competitors (except each other), circling, diving, watching, waiting. With so many fish, bait fish unused is scattered around without being picked up by human or bird. A wealth of bounty, it seems...maybe land crabs make off with the booty, who knows?

Wild flowers, looking like baby orchids

Some crazy waves here, close to the shore and out on the reef.
This is a very popular surfing spot.

Beach star
The current is seriously strong coming through the inlet, so strong you can hear the surge of the water. Some of the folks in boats, instead of going out to sea, drive up to the bridge and then let the current carry them backwards while they fish. 

 Then on goes the engine to do it again.

Without a storm like the night before, the sunset was much more gentle last night, and still beautiful.

Stately blue

I didn't mean to startle you!

Coming in for the night

With a good night's sleep in preparation for taking off this morning, I took a walk over to the beach side for the sunrise.

All the fishers, folk and critter, starting the day

One last glimpse of a wood stork!
There is a guy plunking on a banjo across the way, not accomplished but not unpleasant either. He and his wife remind me, a lot, of Pat and Gary (except Gary doesn't play the banjo so I know it's not them). 

After getting my tires checked in a few hours (two seem a bit low - I didn't know dualies can be connected - yikes - there's much to learn that I didn't even know there was to learn. I like that!) I'll be heading up A1A to St. Augustine. My favorite road to one of my favorite places.

Have a waltz of a Wednesday. Do something widening. 


  1. The only thing really widening today was my bum...I have to remember that it widens as I type ;) Love the sunset. Time to come in.