Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tiny Home Tuesday~ Florida

Tiny home on the move - West Coast to East
In the town of Cortez, which, as I mentioned yesterday, really is a fishing village, there are a lot of tiny and small homes (well, a lot when you consider there is a population of about 500 people). 

There aren't a lot of rich fisherman out there, but there are some real practical ones. A number of the homes, many designated as officially historic (as is the town of Cortez) are now vacation rentals, to be had at good prices. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for all the good fish and for working so hard to keep your town old Florida. 

Cortez, while completely different than Culebra, is not so different at all. Maybe that's why it felt so good to me.

There were so many cool little homes, I'd need a walkabout day to get many of them
 So...I went online to grab a few! 

Redfish Cottage - VBRO

Tuna Cottage - VBRO
The following photos come from the Gator Preservationist website (if you want to see more photos and read more about Cortez, this is the place!). We saw all of these places, but truthfully, it was too hot to get out and walk around. We kept moving. 

It was a lot easier to take photos from the shade of the outdoor bar/restaurant umbrella with a cold beverage (and big peel and eat shrimp) at hand.

This looks familiar!
The houses following aren't tiny. They aren't really small either. But they are part of Florida history with its heavy Spanish influence. Old homes, kept up. Nice job!

I love this home!

Then there are those other folks...

This was in the parking lot pretty late in the day. Fishing or checking in, I don't know.
An interesting thing about this park is that it is open 24 hours a day. And I'm pretty sure someone is out there fishing at every one of those hours. 

Shade would be good, but this is a first come, first serve campground.
I got served water and sun. That's nothing to burn about.
Florida - full of surprises and full of history. And herstory too.

Have a tap-dancing Tuesday. Do something twixt this and that.

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