Monday, August 24, 2015

Catching Up! I Hope.

I have no idea what will actually get loaded on this photo heavy post, but I do know if I don't catch up, the beauty around me that I want to share is threatening to run me over, photographically speaking. There is, again, a very slow connection here. I was going to write 'terrible' and then I thought, wow, really? I'm going to whine because I can't immediately share what I'd like to share with you, gentle readers? 

Yesterday Chris (a long time brilliant photographer) and I were talking about film and the switch to digital...the quality versus the savings, cameras, playing with photos, etc. Remember waiting a week or so (and then there was 1 HOUR!!!!! processing, oh my!) to get your photos? Well, of course Chris processed his own, but I wasn't that dedicated, or good enough to be that dedicated, but still. It wasn't take 'em, share them. Of course, I resist having a facebook blog on my now antique phone - forcing myself to have to load them on the computer and do it a slower way. So in result, traveling makes for less than HERE I AM!!! sharing. 

Bear with me, por favor, I'll get there. One day I'll put together the way too many but fun or good or interesting photos I leave out all the time because I think y'all might just have other things to do. 

Chris and Kay took me to Anna Maria Island and Cortez yesterday, two places in Florida I've never been but I will be back for sure. Lots of old Florida feeling, a couple of great bar/restaurants - there are more but we hit two of them. It was a no hurry, no worry driveabout and I felt the homeless of the Left Coast even more. Which is saying a lot for an Atlantic Ocean woman. 

Holy osprey nest!

We were out on this short pier that also has a bar and restaurant. Very cool.
If I lived here, this would be my home bar, I'm pretty sure.

I was trying for a spontaneous shot of Chris and Kay. Wasn't gonna happen.
The whole bar was probably about the size of the shack.
And on the water. Literally, it was above the water but...
People were fishing, the deck going around the whole thing.
Very cool.
That Coppertone girl gets around.

The beach in this area is a designated park. No frills, just a few miles of parking spaces
and beach. And an inlet to the inter coastal on the other side of the road.
And a boat ramp. Grills, tables, all the things you want and nothing
you don't. 

I wondered if this was an old pier but learned it was really an erosion device.
So much better than concrete! 
Chris and Kay. We were going to take a longer walk but it was soooo hot.
We didn't. 
Just one of many cool homes. More tomorrow.

Instead we headed to another cool spot for drinks and eats.
Instead, we went to Cortez, an old Florida fishing village
that is STILL a working fishing village. 

This is for you, Jonny.

I think we need this on Culebra.

And this too. Some artist needs to get busy.
The place above was too busy for us to get lunch so we moved along
to another place on the water. Across the way was this boat.
Apparently some guy lives on it full time.
I hope he has some way to move air because otherwise
it would have to be about 130 degrees in there. 

There was a little sandbar because the tide was low. It looked like
one of those posters of 'all the birds in this area'.
Kay told me there usually are some roseate spoonbills here too. Not today.
Chris said in the winter, he's seen over 100 white pelicans here.
Now I have to come back.

A working fishing boat.

Curious bird.
An osprey, with Sarasota in the distance.
Chris said this is one of the traditional Cortez fishing boats;
this one looked like it was being used for charters.
I thought about our yolas...
Fish art
After a good night's sleep I tossed a mental coin and headed across the state. Driving 57 mph on SR 60 with its 60 mph signs is not for the faint of heart. It is a very busy road and no one drives 60 miles an hour. The semi truck drivers were much more polite than the vehicles. There wasn't even anywhere to pull over and let them pass me (there were passing lane sections but few and far between). 

Finally I saw this place to get off the road and pulled in. My fingers were sort of glued to the steering wheel; it was time to rehinge my body and brain.

Once upon a time

Darn it! The museum wasn't open.

Inside, a cowboy - a really good looking cowboy, by the way,
 told me that once I got past the light, it was 4 lane the rest of the way.
I was very grateful to hear that. 
A few turns and there it was...a sign for my favorite road in the heart world. There are so many roads I love, but A1A? It was my playground, front, north and south. I was ready.

View from my shadeless camping site. That works.
I took a walkabout and will post more of that tomorrow, but for the most part hiding from the heat has taken up the afternoon. But I'm hearing thunder and it sounds like a good storm might be in the soon offing. That's a good thing!

Have a make more memories Monday. Do something mighty!

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