Friday, August 14, 2015

Free Range Friday ~ Ghosting in Lake Pan

I only know 3 people in this neighborhood and one of 'em ain't here. But each time I've been here, it's been for a long enough time and I've taken long enough walks that it all feels very familiar. As if I've lived here and watched houses take over the land, most of the time in a good way. That my eyes at another time have watched families come and go, mostly go and their old fishing camp houses slowly get overtaken by the returning, relentless natural world, in a melancholy, nostalgic sort of way.

So since cooking black beans and rice, even with Ro-tel tomatoes and jalapeƱos is satisfying to the tongue and belly, it makes for not too exciting photos. You get this meal instead.

Passion flower - very passionate

Maybe to most in North America a squirrel is no biggie,
but we don't have squirrels at home and they are still special

I'm pretty sure this is not like the living roofs I read about in natural homes articles

I know, you've seen him before but he's still pretty funny to me

This bird was scratching itself for a good 3 or 4 minutes, exactly like a cat would.

And then it yawned. Exactly like a cat would.

Weird duck flying overhead

Lakeside vines in bloom

Spanish moss waaaaaaaaaay up in these trees

Hey, I like portals.
Ask Culebra's Sue Zinkowski, a painter of lovely portals (hers aren't gates though),
amongst many other gorgeous paintings.

Magic light time on the lake

I was back in the Turtle when it filled with gold light, calling Outside! Outside!

Do you see it too?
 This morning I woke early, feeling the slightest urge to pull a lightweight blanket on. I didn't, only because the sensation of coolness was so delicious, it was more enjoyable to stay just like that. And then I looked out the window and walked/ran for the lake. Sunrise was upon us and nothing this good lasts for long. 

By the time I got there, the roses and pinks were barely there.
Two minutes makes a big difference at sunrise.

Enough of staring into the sun. It was time to get back and wallow in the sweet temperature of the Turtle. With coffee. Sending the bread of this missive onto the electronic waters.

Have a feel how fine Friday. Do something fitting. 


  1. Coffee? I thought you were a morning tea lady. What a gorgeous sunrise! I see the sun rise every morning, except weekends, of course. I still have those. Really love the gate photo, arty again.

  2. I go back and forth, though usually tea for sure at night. It depends on what the day is calling for! Glad you like the gate, it's a friendly one.

  3. I love squirrels. We have plenty and their antics are entertaining. My pup likes them, too and the cats want one of their own. But the squirrels are crafty. Just far enough up the tree to stay away and bark at the cats, poor kitties. I love how the morning dew is dripping off the blooms. And I'm with Shawke. I like that gate photo :)

  4. Glad to hear it, I thought most people thought of them as a nuisance. Truly glad your cats can't have one of their own.