Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rain and Bows

Almost every afternoon, out of the blazing from some hell with no breeze, clouds gather, lightning and thunder sound in the near or far distance and it might or might not rain. It might or might not cool down, though usually the temperature drops a good bit

Every walk gives something up that wasn't there the day before
The above has become my almost Pavlovian treat. The shades and curtains get pulled up and tied back. I'm inside and out, checking the street up and down to see what will happen next. 

Yesterday was like that with a better than expected reward.

The air wasn't cool but it was better than 'feels like 111' so off to the lake.

There were lots of lightning flashes in this cell but I couldn't catch one

A very ragged osprey. 
Up the lake, the rain was pouring, moving down the lake much like it comes up the bay at home, but in v e r y slow motion. 

The lightning was getting close and I thought it might be time to head back to the Turtle, but it was very difficult to leave. The rain was literally passing right in front of me and not touching me. The sound of it pounding down on the water sounded like a waterfall, as I stood there, listening and dry. 

Finally one close shot of bolt of light to the system hit and it really was time to be somewhere else. With a few looks back.

Can you hear it?
There really wasn't a lot of rain on land around here. Glancing up from my book, the sun was blaring in a sky still roiling with black clouds. And then, as it has ever since I heard it years ago, the voice of that little girl was in my ear. "You know what happens when it rains? Rainbows!" Just a glance toward the lake and I was grabbing my camera and heading out in the barest of sprinkles.

If you see this light and a rainbow and there is a body of water near?
Start walking fast.
It got brighter and brighter. That is when I started running

And it was worth it
The crazy ass bird stayed throughout the storm and shine
Leaving before something is completely over is sometimes the right thing to do.

A cardinal couple had sought shelter beneath a hedge,
giving one last surprise of the day
Have a Wow! Wednesday. Do something with wobbly witness.


  1. Amazing the rain came but not to you. The sound of it hitting the water--you described it so well I did think I could hear it. And the rainbow...amazing.

    1. The rain finally did come, but only for about 15 minutes. Glad you could hear that strange rain!

  2. I love your reflection photos, the thunderhead photo, and the third rainbow photo, I see a fish. Angelfish maybe?

    1. Interestingly, someone else said they could see a fish as well. I think it would have to be an angel fish, the biggest ever!