Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tiny Trip Tuesday

Waiting for the train in Fort Lauderdale is probably like waiting for the train in almost Anytown. A few interesting panhandlers, all of whom commented on my fishing pole. Lots of normal people taking the city trains to work, a few going longer distances. Like the woman I talked to while who was from Japan. 

Inter-city train
She hadn't lived in Japan for a long time, and now lives in North Carolina, where she takes care of her mother. She met her husband, an American, at a museum in Japan. They married and spent 3 years in Greece ('we had to check under our cars every morning for bombs, the terrorism was bad then - but most of the time it was good and we lived by the water. It was beautiful'). Three years in Germany were also good. But back in the states, they divorced, her mother moved over from Japan and she raised her son. For his graduation present six years ago, the mother gave them tickets to Japan, so he could see where he came from. That was good.

And then she had to move up to the part of the train where overnight travelers were seated. Getting aboard, the conductor asked if I had any fish with me. How do you forget you are carrying a fishing pole? I said no and he said better luck next time.

I sat in the short hop section, next to a large woman who spoke Spanish and was wrapped up in her magazine. We read and dozed and read some more. 

Across the aisle was a dapperly dressed man who was on the phone, talking animatedly (translate loudly) in what I could only guess was Haitian patois. For two hours. Until he put on homemade videos of a church choir, singing joyfully, if not melodically. Without headphones. The guy could not sit still; I dubbed him Restless Phone Soul Syndrome Man. It doesn't exactly slip off the tongue but it was better entertaining myself like that rather than letting slip off the tongue what I felt like saying.

And then we were in Sebring where I was picked up and taken to the Turtle. I did pretty much everything wrong, only asking if I was all set up to go. When I got the yes, I just drove away. Check the water and other fluids? Nope. Drive, she said. And I did. Luckily, all was well.

Rest stop in Canaan Land! I reached!
And here I am, waiting to recoup travel funds which are residing under the Turtle in a shiny new gas tank. Fair trade.

After a shower - it's hot here! - a walk to the lake was in order. At first, seeing a clump of white birds far down by the water, I thought I finally was seeing white pelicans Exciting! It was white ibis' instead. Funny birds. Along with a blue heron and a great white. Afternoon entertainment at Lake Panasoffkee. 

Not all of them are white

This beauty flew in to see what was what

Statue still observer

Push? What's this mean, push?

Exit? What's this mean, exit?

Aren't I beautiful?

Ibis don't get disturbed easily

Blue comes in for a look

Confrontation kerfuffle

A bit of display and blue don't care

You go your way and I'll go mine

Ibis at the Bug Buffet

And then everyone took off (yes, my fault)

Except for these guys, who might still be there.
It is very hot. I'm slowly cutting off my hair. Hopefully I won't be bald when I see you next.

Have a take to the treetops Tuesday. Do something testing.


  1. Bon voyage and happy trails to you, away we go!!

  2. I am in your heart. Have peace. Enjoy.

  3. Love the story of the herons :) And the photos are absolutely great :) Hot..stay cool...continue the adventure :)

    1. The birds are really entertaining, to me at least. Tonight I'll go down with a chair and look for meteors!