Friday, August 7, 2015

Free Range Friday ~ The Swap Shop

Since we've cooked and eaten pretty much everything I've had a yen for, along with a few things I didn't know I had a yen for, cooking has been at a minimum. Spaghetti and white clam sauce, split pea soup, salads...nothing to write [this] home about. So instead, we'll do a free wheelin' around the Swap Shop. 

I like going on a Friday when the crowds aren't there. It means there aren't nearly as many vendors but that works for me when it's 180° in the sun. As ever though, there is always plenty to see and laugh about. And sometimes buy.

My score of the morning, a brand new mini fishing pole for the Turtle. 5 bucks!
We also got a super deal on baby white potatoes, and no, I didn't take a photo. 

There was a lot more for entertainment. Including the drive. 

The Dive Bar (sounds and looks good to me!)

The famous across from the beach Elbo Room - yes, you'll get a Culebra pour

Ft. Lauderdale beach

I missed the entirely tattooed guy on the Harley.
He was bare chested and there wasn't an inch of uninked skin to be seen, 

Just in case you need to know where to buy your Masarati.

A classic place I'll never go to visit.

The skyway over Federal Highway, from the parking lot to Weird World

Jonny's old pal

Let the weirdness begin!

None for sale, just one of the wacky owner's cool collections

An 'if I were rich, maybe I'd buy this' car 

So much stuff I can't even see it

Make your own caption

Some of the old Pirate World rides from a Florida long ago

While back inside...

What I wish I could wear. What I probably should wear.

Whatever part of your body you're not happy with, this place can fix it.

Zach, I'm so sorry I didn't buy these for you!
I thought about it too late, as in, just now.

Elvis time
I've seen hundreds of these types of tables but never benches.
Of course they are here.

My idea of immortalizing exotic animals

The biggest mango ever

From dasheen to sugar cane, it's here

This manmade canal goes to the ocean. Jonny says he sees manatees in here often.
This is from the skyway back to the parking lot. 

Decision time
Jonny surprised me with a late breakfast at Lester's Diner, the real deal. We were waited on by Carvella, and why I didn't get her photo, I don't know. Maybe it was the overheating of my head. She was young and beautiful, always smiling with deep dimples, attentive and funny - I was beginning to wonder if she and my brother were going to start dating. Or something. She definitely up'd an already good time. 

Just looking at this case was enough to gain a pound or two.
I resisted pretty easily, it was that 'too much of too much' thing.
Later, that eclair will look much more enticing.

and it is!
Jonny went for the spinach and feta omelet. Delicious! The eggs weren't really quite that yellow, I must have had vivid on in that setting. The color of the ketchup is yet another reason I don't ever use it. Yes, I've never used ketchup. Bad American.

I went for the eggs and gyro meat (what, are you kidding, gyro meat on a breakfast dish?? of course I'm ordering that!) with tzatziki sauce. There was so much meat, even though I shared, it made a go-home (in foil) packet. 

The damage done (okay, the home fries, not so good)
Back at Casa de Jonny for what feels like a Sunday relax time, with fingers crossed that the Turtle's gas tank arrives today up in Sebring. Hope is a beautiful thing.

Have a forge forward fearlessly Friday. Do something fazeless.

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