Thursday, August 13, 2015

Little Big Things

I like to play in the dirt. Literally and maybe metaphorically, at times. But yesterday was literally, planting some things here at Francie's that she left for me to plant. It's a friend who knows you well who leaves the good plant clippers on the bathroom sink counter for easy finding. 

Aloe, course
Passion fruit vine at the mailbox
After a few hours of shifting dirt and plants, it was siesta time. At least until the sun and humidity dropped. Then it was lake time. 

Did I mention how lush everything is?
If you are from the neighborhood, you can camp on the lake here. 
Once upon a time on the west coast of Florida, I tent camped with some friends on an island known to have a lot of gators around ('red eyes' as they are called by poachers and others on the water in the dark). All night they could be heard moving around us, splashing into the water, a bellow or two. I know this because sleeping was really not happening. There are some gators around here too. Pleasant dreams, American camper.

I know there are too many bird photos below, but since this was the only bird around and it was hunting on a perfect stage, I was captivated. Completely. And I left about 90 on the cutting room floor. You're welcome.

Yes, sometimes I have to play arty

In the magic light, these fisher folk slowly drifted by.

I saw tiny fish jumping but no doubt there are more out there. This glassy lake, the cooler temperatures, the quiet...a fish on the hook would almost be gilding the lily.

Odds and ends worth mentioning.

For those of you who know Matty, his ongoing (for months now) situation with infection in his leg and foot, making work impossible, is piling up the bills. He's been in and out of the hospital numerous times to take care of this. Update: Matty writes - "I am going into hospital in the next few days. I have to go get a gallium scan first in Caguas, then will be admitted in Fajardo." 

If you want to help out, here is his Funky Foot page put up by his son Zak. Matty is a big man with a big smile and a big heart. If you know him, you already know that. We can't fix his foot but we can ease things a bit for him on the home worry front. 

Someone suggested this site and while it's a bit overwhelming in some ways, the possibilities are enticing. So here's 37 websites to learn something new!

Last but not least. There is a company called Bespoke (a word I love, meaning handmade) that makes cool...are you ready for it? prosthetic legs and awesome 3D printed casts (I still don't get 3D printing yet, hope to see it done sometime soon because right now, it just seems like magic). 

Technology is bringing us more than selfie sticks, texting, facebook and Go-Pro's. Which is pretty amazing and pretty wonderful to me.

If you've ever broken a limb and had a plaster cast, how cool would THIS have been?

That wraps up today's session. See you on the playground. 

Have a teachable Thursday. Do something taxing. 


  1. Wow! This post is full of eclectic bits and pieces. Love the photos. Each one is amazing and different of the the mirrored effect with the beautiful lake. And all the technology. I don't understand 3-D printing either but have seen its magic!

    1. Yes, sometimes I just have to share some of the things that make me say wow! Glad you liked the bird. I would LOVE to see some 3 D printing done, it seems so surreal to me.

  2. Ditto, Pollyanna. Great photos, arty is good! Arty is great!