Saturday, August 1, 2015

Shooting Photos Because Shooting Randomly With Anything Else is Silly

Yesterday we headed up to the Sebring area to do a few things. One was to check out my brother's little piece o' dirt. It now has a shed/cabin on it so it is not just dirt. There is a mango tree and a struggling banana. There is dirt brought in to raise its level and crushed concrete to provide a secure entrance. So now what do I call it?

Bee? Why bees? What's wrong with you, Bug a Bug?
We sowed some grass seed and mulched a bit. Then we realized it was about 228 degrees out there. Fahrenheit. 

It was time to get out of the sun and over to the main event, dropping me off at the Turtle. 

Coolest truck award
He headed down a ramp before we could pull up beside him
After a weird lunch - it happens - we got to the Turtle. And to make a not very long story even shorter, found out there was a leak in the gas tank. And a very busy automotive department. I think it is really important that my gas tank doesn't leak and I'm not even a trained automotive engineer.

Jonny took this photo, I was inside making deals with vehicle gods
I wanted to make sure they had plenty of time to check it out. Even it if is only a loose clamp or a split hose (knockin' on wood), ample time to take care of it right makes me feel better. Because sleeping in a bomb just seems weird.

I really want to check out this market one day.

These guys have a different market.
After a talk with Nikki who oversees my motorhome life, and Jim, the new guy at Camper Corral ("I've heard about you." oh sheeeeeet "You're very popular around here." And you just won the diplomat of the year award, Jim the New Guy).

It was even too hot to want to eat a Hawaiian Shave Ice.

Unfortunately, this was not a stunt pilot.
It was a crop duster, making sure the sugar cane was...dusted.
Put that aside and it was an amazing aerial show as we drove down the road.

Now it was decision time. Get a motel and wait? Or go back to Pompano with my brother, who I had just convinced, before the Great Gas Tank Debacle, NOT to drive back, but rather spend the first camping night with me - relax drink some wine and watch the Blue Moon rise from national park dark before heading back in the morning without feeling like he'd been run over by a truck. 

Hey Joe!
A decision made, I'd go back to come back. My most accommodating brother saying 'Whatever you want to do, sis' - which is code for Please stop pounding your forehead on the truck, the carwash asks questions about blood. 

We headed back down the road, rewinding the trip we'd just made a few hours earlier. 

This bird has a split tail but it was the best I could get while riding along.
There is just one area on the route where a LOT of them are flying.
Can anyone identify it?
It would have been a perfect day to tangle with a gator,
but I didn't want to end up on international news as a gator hater.
Most of these photos were taken on the way to Sebring. On the way home 1) I was busy pouting 2) There was a crazy thunderstorm on and off most of the way back.

12 miles of orange groves. I guess bears really like oranges?

We did stop for some peaches and they were really really good!

Old Central Florida. Oak trees and cows.

Ok, no more bears. We're safe now. I hope they can read signs.

I have NO idea what this car was about, but it looked like
some folks had had a good time painting it. 
Word is, Monday or Tuesday the Turtle will get a look see. Anyone who has ever owned a vehicle with an unknown problem knows exactly what I'm feeling right now, that balancing act on the metaphorical scale of Universal Hope - realizing there is something wrong and hoping it is going to be in my favor. Will I have to take a hammer to the piggy bank? Where the hell is that piggy bank? Or will it be the turning of a screw and have a good trip? Stay tuned!

Have a stay serene Saturday. Do something sensible.


  1. The bird looks like a Swallow-tailed Kite. They're very graceful flyers.

    1. I think you could very well be right. One flew right over us, almost skimming the rooftop, with its tail spread. I told my brother that it was more like a fan with points rather than as sharply split as I thought from much farther away. After looking it up, the tail is exactly the same and the range is right as well. Thank you!

    2. That's a frigate, we called them Man of wars as kids. Question (kenna here) what are Johnnie's plans for that land in Sebring? Why sebring?

    3. Hey Kenna! Nope, it's not a frigate, we have them here too. I think the Swallow-tailed kite is right (and it rhymes). The land is actually in Lorida and he's going to have it as his Florida place when his NC place is too cold in winter. The why is because he got it really, really inexpensively, internet searcher that he is. I think it was part of a planned development that never really developed, there isn't much around, it is pretty much scrub palmettos etc. until the work of working it takes place. He has a neighbor who has been there around 12 years and their place is gorgeous, through a lot of time and effort - super simple home, beautiful yard (they have about 4 times as much land as Jonny), chickens good fencing etc..