Thursday, July 30, 2015

Good Morning, Pompano Beach!

It seems as if the weather can't decide on clouds or sun so we're getting lots of both since I've been here. I wish for the power to send some rain home but I don't think that's going to happen in this lifetime. 

In the meantime, it makes for real beautiful morning gazing. 

The boaters are out early on the Intercoastal

That little green space

Walking to the other end of the street, the beach and ocean are busy too.

Lots of fishermen out this morning

I'm catching rays

And birds

City life. A tractor cleaning the beach.
A guy surf casting. A lot of condos. A great pier.
Not our kind of beach, but I do like seeing people fishing!
Morning glory
There is a lot of craziness in the world and trying to keep up and do a bit of good means needing a sanctuary for the mind and spirit. Where ever it is for you, find it and dose yourself regularly. It's free, no druggist necessary. 

Have a tackle and taped tight Thursday. Do something touristy (in the good way).

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  1. The photos are spectacular! Me and my husband are going to move to Pompano Beach next year to live at the new Sabbia Beach Condos building (
    ) once constriction is done. We fell in love with South Florida some time ago when we were on our honeymoon and now I simply can't wait to actually start enjoying it on a daily basis. All the best wishes to you, love, Carla :)