Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Countdown (fair warning - very photo heavy!)

We are coming to the part of ticking off the last items of the Plan, with tomorrow being Head Back To Florida day. 

Yesterday we thought we might have to miss Old Montreal, as rain looked like it was going to be the theme of the day. And while we'd miss it, it was okay, a day of doing nothing had its appeal too. 

Then the sun decided to hang around and off we went. 

Hello, Montreal!
 Some back seat sights along the way.

There are a lot of lovely old buildings, mixed in with not so old at all

A very long tunnel goes under the city

Taking photos while finding a parking space. There were plenty but it was hard to get from here to there with road construction going on in town.

There were a lot more of these very chunky, vaguely human sculptures here.

Build, repair, repeat. Over a couple of hundred years, it shows.

Old Montreal

They were both very, very good

There were some beautiful North American Indian items in here.
We went in because Carroll and I loved a pair of boots.
We went out because the price left us gasping a bit.

I forgot to ask about getting this poster. Oops.

Some stores looked fine from the street

A leather and rope version of basket drawers

These shops were originally homes. A long time ago.

All I got for Gifford was a photo of this lousy tee shirt

You can find out all you ever wanted to know about Canada's 'national dish' here.

It looks like lots of tourists. But only congregated in a few spots;
walking and looking was very easy.

Sorry, I didn't read your sign until I looked at the photo, Mr. Turtle

British Admiral Horatio Nelson

Lots of happy families

"Something something something something"

The restored City Hall. It took 3 years to clean and repair the outside of this
magnificent building.

Closer up to Mr. Nelson

I cannot tell you why there is an alligator on this statue but surely there is a reason.

"Something something something something"

More city hall

A Montreal lawyer

This was a student project. It was just strange.

Did I mention it was strange?
All along the promenade human vignettes were going on. I saw this woman coming back from Strange Park. She was pretty wonderful.

Gravity means nothing to her

This man was very funny and very talented on the unicycle and with fire. 
 I didn't watch his whole performance, but Carroll did, from another vantage point. When we both came back to the table and talked about him, the words 'Robin Williams!' came out of our mouths almost simultaneously. I think if Robin Williams hadn't become a famous actor, he'd have been this guy.

The children were enthralled

Just another fire eater

He had the crowd dancing and singing Lion in the Jungle. 

Some amazing balloons. Monkeys, mermaids, octopus...

This was the original city market, right across the street from the port.
Now it has art and very, very, very pricey shops.

A photo blown up as big as my houseboat of the old days at the market

Once upon a time

The Old Sailors' Church


From the front
Across the street on the port side, there is a really wonderful park. Last time I was here it was all open areas of grassy knolls and paths, mainly frequented by bicyclists, runners and walkers and couples snagging in the grass. Now at one end is a pretty huge complex of zip lines and pirate obstacle course. It is not walled away so you can watch the participants go through the course. I could have watched for hours.

Jonny, Carroll and Michael

The kid figured it out, after quite a few tries. We applauded.

Oh! I guess this isn't an abandoned building!

A gorgeous boat at the public marina

This boat, A Great Harbour N37, was up from Florida. Veeerrrrrry interesting.

Peeking into a gallery

Heading to the Notre Dame Cathedral on a back street. An empty back street.

Surrounded by very expensive condos in old converted buildings,
this was the only poster in any window.

While giraffes filled the window across the street
 We were sidelined by some wonderful shops. Sorry the reflection was so intense you cannot really see the gorgeous Thai art.

All of the decorated cakes and cupcakes here had a tropical theme.

The Cathedral now wants money to even go inside. We boycotted that moment. 

A little more window shopping on our way to the car. It was almost time to head to Aunt Mimi's.

This store was called Noel Eternal.  This Ice Queen sort of frightened me. 

Stealth shots of four generations of women. 

Sushi art.
The sun had come out so much, taking photos through glass just wasn't really working. 

Once a children's hospital, this building's future is as yet unknown

The post office of Westmount

Hello, Aunt Mimi!

In the dining room
 More views from the roof top. It was so clear!

In the foreground are three colleges, once convents, with some additional buildings.

My cousin Kenny spearheaded the change from convent to college (charming nuns is obviously a specialty of his), but I can't begin to describe the process. What I do know is the whole area was once the priests farm. I thought they were saying it was called Priest Farm, but it was and part of it still might be, where priests live(d). As all of Quebec was once owned by the Catholic Church, that makes sense. 

I missed the shot of this jet right over the moon, but you get the idea. 

Aunt Mimi: 'Look! Alligators, vicious alligators!' Yes, I see them.

Magic light time. Even the Super Hospital doesn't look too awful.
 The adieu portion of our day.

Au revoir, Aunt Mimi. 
She stood in her doorway after I love you hugs and gave us a salute. We blew kisses until the elevator came. Deep breath and away.

Have a sacred Saturday. Do something salving.


  1. The answer to the alligator on the monument:

    1. Thank you soooo much! What a great find and you took the time to find it. I was going to look more next week (when I had more quiet time) but you've done it for me and more answers included, as I wondered what the four panels were about and wanted to find out. Again, thank you!!