Thursday, July 9, 2015

See You When

Taking a slow walkabout in the yard on the hill where I've been these last months, there was plenty going on. Despite the drought that has had its way with a few plantings, some things bloom no matter what. 

It would almost be easy to get a bit maudlin here; lucky for you, dear reader, it's too early for cocktails and you are spared.

See you all on the flip side!

Yes, it's yellow flower tree time

Spider lily looking splendid in the light

One more, just because

A mighty huntress, stalking the wild pineapple. Today, the pineapple wins.

Yes yes, it's like pelicans, I can't stay away.

Strawberry cactus, almost ready for a tiny taste of wild

'Well, are you coming up or not? I have needs!'
Have a take to the trail Thursday! Do something tentatively trackable.

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